Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No More Snow Please!!!!

Are you as tired about hearing about snow as I am about writing about it?

I expected to get up this morning and take a picture of a completely green garage roof with all the snow gone.  But instead it is covered with snow again.  Just a little but still snow.  I thought it was to get into the lower 40's today but it is struggling to get to 35 with the cloud cover we have.  Oh Well!
Bonnie left a 4 page list of items she is donating so I am entering them in Its Deductible for the 2011 taxes. It free and the tax program likes it.  I went out and shoveled off the back deck to take a break and get a little exercise.
Bonnie called earlier and said her care barely started as the battery was low.  Its the original 2006 battery so I did a little research and know what size to look for.  I will probably go ahead and change it at the next sign of a problem, or when it warms up a little which ever comes first.  I have also done some casual research on the used MH that we looked at yesterday.  It looks like a nice one just not sure we want to make the commitment.

Finally this afternoon the snow melted off the front garage roof.
Fronts Clear

But there is still snow on the back of the roofs.
Lots left on the back

I finished off the last of the liverwurst for lunch and now it back to Its Deductible.  Did it I was finishing up just as Bonnie got home from work.  She said the car started fine the rest of the day when she left work and again when she left her meeting, so maybe something was left on.  I checked the voltage and the water in the cells and all looked good.  Time will tell.
We had a call from the RV dealers owner tonight and Bonnie and he talked for quite a while now we have a few more things to think and talk about.
Time to read a little and then off to bed.

It must have stayed dark outside longer today because I did not wake up until almost 9 this morning.  Then I got up and tried to catch up on email.  But then the UPS truck came and delivered my new rain gauge, so I had to get it set up.   Just in time as we are to get some rain tonight.  I like tracking the rain and snow.  The new gauge is the same model as the old one that served me well for quite a few years now.  I see a few improvements in it so am glad it came today.
Then it was time for court and we had a light case load so I got home in time to collect the trash, clean the cat box and change clothes just as Bonnie pulled in.  Then we headed off for WW.  Together Bonnie, Elizabeth and I have lost 129 pounds in just over 5 months.  Then supper at Elizabeths and Alexus and I played some games on the WII while the girls went to Bible study.
It rained a little but was not raining when we drove home but it has started again, the snow is melting quickly now.  March Madness started tonight, I hope to catch the Duke games.

I looked pretty dark out again when I woke up this morning, and it was but instead of rolling over I got up and it was not 8:00 yet.  It has rained a little the new rain gauge says .04".
Here is the inside display unit

This is the outside unit Notice the SNOW in the background!

Its supposed to get up into the 40's today but as of noon is is only 39.  The weatherman is promising 50's tomorrow and some sun.
Read through the emails this morning, seems the snowbirds are starting to slowly head north to their homes up north.
Well time for the 6:00 news.  Bonnie went to pick up her glasses so supper will be latter tonight.

Since its Wednesday I will go ahead and post this.
Thanks for checking in.