Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away (oh no more snow)

Roof snow Thursday

Well the wind blew all night and continues this morning.  Settled in to read some email and blogs after I threw in a load of towels.  Its in the high 40's no rain but the snow is melting pretty fast.
After much research I ordered new tires for the Motorhome, ouch.  Not only are there 6 of them they are each over $500 by the time you get them mounted and balanced.  I found that prices have gone up over 23% since this time last year and some recent months have seen two increases in one month.  All blamed on oil prices, when will it stop.  Anyhow I will feel much safer on the road after the 8 year old tires are replaced.  That will be one of the first places I head after I get the MH out of storage.
I also fabricated a little clamp to keep my tonneau cover latched on the pickup truck.  The spring is weak on the original.
I had a meeting in Warsaw tonight it was a good trip as I got a lot of things done.  I found the belt for the snow thrower, it was finally in stock. Then I stopped by the 911 center to visit with the dispatchers and finally to the Magistrates meeting where the new District Attorney spoke. It was raining hard on the way home and there was a lot of ground fog at the lower elevations, a couple of spots you could not see the surface of the road.
I got another chapter read in my book and now time to hit the hay.

Friday morning

Up early again and I started the wash then plan to head up to court.  Most of the snow is off the garage roof now.
Cold and windy most of the day and now it it snowing again.  I did go out some and did some work up at court.  Other than that I did most of the wash so that is out of the way.
Bonnie and I are having movie night.  Had some trouble with getting it to play on the Apple TV but all of a sudden all is working well.  The light just came on the back deck, I see about an inch of new snow and oh no!  A SKUNK eating the sunflower seeds under the bird feeder.  I hope he moves on soon.

Quiet night no phone, no smoke alarm, and the WIND finally is quiet.  I have a lot to do today so up around 7, and now the sun is up and out nice and bright.  I plan to get my truck inspected, work at court, and then help Elizabeth with her internet set up and computer.  Just catching up on the email news and a couple blogs then jump in the rain locker and hope to head out by 8:30.  Only got an inch of snow and it warmed up a little overnight so thats good too.
It got up to about 40 today so most of the snow melted.  I got my truck inspected no problems, then stopped at court, and then into Elizabeths.  Time Warner showed up on time and the installation went smoothly.  We got the router and the computers set up so all worked fine.  I made it home before dark and took care of a couple things for Bonnie.  Now a little TV and hope to read at least another chapter.
The snow has been melting relatively slowly here on the hill so we have had no water problems.  I heard the maple sap is running and I did see steam coming out of at least one sugar house.  Nothing like real Maple Syrup and its time for the Maple Weekends

Snow again covers the deck and roofs this morning maybe half an inch, so not bad.  It should melt off today.  I remembered to turn the clocks ahead, did you?
After church I think we have bowling and dinner on the agenda.  Elizabeth and Alexus want us to go with them.  I like to bowl but its been years so should be interesting.
Well Bonnie wanted to put casters under her soon to be scrapbooking center so after church we stopped and picked up some casters.

Cabinet on its side ready to install the casters

Here you can see the new casters on the bottom
After that we headed to meet Elizabeth and Alexus for lunch and bowling.  We had lunch at the Forest view Restaurant in Depew.  Elizabeth did not feel like bowling and so headed for home.  We decided to take a look at Colton RV's new store as it was just down the road.  As be drove in this caught our eye.

Nice used HR Endeavor
So we checked it over and as they put it they "ran the numbers".  We liked what we saw but think we are too far apart on the numbers so walked away.
It was in the low 30's today but so damp it felt really cold.  So we are home now and relaxing for the evening.

Thanks for checking in.