Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger Problems + Lots of Rain

Blogger. Com had problems yesterday (Thursday) and was down until Friday afternoon.  I will try to catch up.

I stayed home all day today so did not get to see the progress on the addition at our friends.
I did make it out to the woods for a while to see how dry it was.  There are a few muddy spots on the road but I think we can work in there soon to get out some firewood.  I spent some time in the yard and picked up a couple loads of branches and dumped them also.
Then on got out the chainsaw put on my chaps and other safety gear (PPE).  Bonnie has wanted a dead branch cut off and I took care of that and cut it up and carted it off to where we dump the brush.  First thing she mentioned when she got home was how good it looked.
Then I was off to Warsaw.  I stopped at NAPA and picked up a Coolant Filter for the MH and some grease fittings for the tractor.
Then over to Tractor Supply to pickup some grease, weed killer, and oil.  Then over to the Public Safety building to attend the Magistrates Meeting.
Finally home and after a little TV and reading a good nights sleep.

Blogger was still down this morning but will type this and put it in later.
I did a few loads of wash today like most Fridays.  Once the last load was in the dryer I went out to work on the tractor.  The new grease fitting went in fine but the grease would still not go in.  I was then able to drive out the shaft that the loader bucket pivots on and then the grease flowed.  I manually greased everything I could and put it back together.  Then the grease would go in slowly, so thats good.  After that I stopped over to see how the addition was going.
The roof is on and the chimney has been extended.
Roof is on

Shower is in place

Extended chimney
Finally a place to work out of the hot sun and maybe the rain.

Then I ran up to court to take care of some paperwork.
Once I got home the grass looked like it need cut again.  So I jumped on the lawn tractor and cut what I could.  It was getting pretty dark and as I put the tractor in the shed the thunder started.
Then the rain started and it came fast and hard.  We got 1.18 inches in about 30 minutes.  I had to unplug the rear down spout and it was raining so hard that the front gutter was clear but over flowing.
I just finished cutting this area 15 minutes ago.
Run off from up the hill
Bonnie got home in the middle of the down pour with groceries but we got them all in the house.  She carried them in as I was cleaning the gutter out back.  The rain has let up with a total of 1.22.
Hope now to relax a little.  Almost bed time and the rain gauge says 1.54in.

Was up early for a Saturday morning.  Met a friend in Attica for breakfast and then we headed for Churchville to the Camping World store.

I had received a sale catalog the other day with some good prices on some items I needed.  So I picked up a few things today.
Filter, jumper cable, sewer hose, spices, soap dispenser, step,  etc.  quite a haul
I installed the soap dispenser and a cable clamp.  Then it started raining again.  It has rained off and on all day.  Thankfully not as much as yesterday.  I helped Bonnie move some furniture and hang a picture. Not much else happened today, too much rain.  Hope to watch a movie tonight.

Looks like we had light rain all night and so far it has rained off and on all day.  We also have info from the NWS to expect an inch more of rain today.
We went to church this morning and just finished a good lunch.  Bonnie's sister is on the way over and we are set to have a nice relaxing day.  I don't expect much more to happen today so will go ahead and post this.
We have our first campout of the year coming up this coming weekend.
Thanks for checking in.