Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting the MH in shape for the season

Up early lots happening again today.  The sun is shinning so I can hopefully get some work done on the MH.  Robby and family are flying home from the Dominican Republic and Elizabeth just called and is stopping by.
I had a nice surprise last night in my email.  We bought a convertible Mini Cooper S back in 2004 just before I retired and it is now owned by a couple in Maine and they sent me a picture and told me they got it from someone in Long Island, NY.  It still looks brand new.
Looking good
Elizabeth called, she was on her way from Attica to visit.  She had to see Dr Craddock our dentist so was stopping in.  After a short visit she left to meet some friends and then they were all going downtown for a National Day of Prayer event.  While she was here I got her to help me carry the mattress out of the Motorhome into the basement.  Bonnie wants to try the new one before we get rid of the old one.

So after she left I unpacked the two boxes and started to assemble the bed.
The foam for the sides

The mattress with deluxe topper
I first had to drill a couple holes

Then cut it out so I had a 1" by 4" hole
This is the air unit that sits under the bed, its now in
the upper left corner of the bed
Then the foam sides go in

And the topper zips on and now its a queen size mattress
I found the sheets and comforter then and made the bed so it is all set to go.  I followed the directions to calibrate the controls and for now my "Sleep Number is 40" when I lay on my side.  They say give it a week to see how it works for you before you change it.

Since the bed only took a couple hours I decided to tackle the next job.
I bought a Level 3 Culligan water filter during the winter so figured I would put that in.

Here are the pieces and parts with the head mounted on 1/2" plywood
ready to be mounted

The blue PEX line should be the cold water, the adapter installs there.

Here is the adapter inline and the pink winter antifreeze in the new pressurized line

This shows the new faucet and how much has to
be cut out of the Corian sink cover.
So I was nervous about cutting the sink cover.  I went in for lunch and googled cutting Corian.  It said it was easy just use a carbide tipped saw.  So thats what I did and it came out pretty good.  I could not find my router bit to round over the edges so will save that picture for later.  Finished up around 5 and came in the house, still waiting on Bonnie to get home from work and grocery shopping.  I think I could use a short nap so turned on the news.

Not very warm or sunny this morning, so I stayed in the house and did 4 loads of wash, washed the dishes in the sink, and ran the dishwasher.  Then after lunch it was warmer and sunnier so I went out to work on the MH.  I backed it up to the garage and flushed out the hot water heater then put the drain plug back in it.
The wand used to flush out the water heater

  I flushed out all the pink antifreeze out of the water lines pressurized the system and checked for leaks.  Good news no leaks.
"Wet Bay" where the water hooks up.
Then I got out all the water hoses hooked them up and sanitized them with Clorox and filled the water tank at the same time to disinfect it.  I will let it set overnight then drain and flush it again.
Used this to disinfect the hoses and tanks
Then I hooked up the air hose to the coach air system to add some air to the new tires.  They call for 90lbs in the rear and 105lbs in the fronts
Air hose hooked up
I put the MH back in its spot to sit over night.  Tomorrow I will drain the tank and then refill it with fresh water.  We went out to eat tonight with a friend up in Batavia.  We returned some stuff to Lowes and
then headed back toward home.  When we dropped off our friend we got a good tour of his MH and sat in it for a while visiting.

Home now and time to relax and then off to bed.

Emily our cat must like her new cat food.  She started letting me know the dish was empty around 6:30 this morning.  I put her off until 7:30 when I finally gave up.  Bonnie was up but must not have heard her.  So Emily is fed and Bonnie has left for a Mothers Day breakfast with Elizabeth and Alexus at their church.  Then she is going shopping, and then back home to go to our church with her mother and sisters for dinner.
I already went out and opened the fresh water drain on the MH to let the 80 gals of bleach water drain out and will partially fill it later.  I also want to mount the Fire Extinguishers today and maybe plug in the MH and turn on the refrigerator to test the latest recall device Norcold has.  Buffalo RV installed it for me last fall and a lot of failures have been reported.
The black box is a new safety device
Well I got a lot done today.  I headed to the bank in Attica and a couple other errands over that way.  Elizabeth called she had locked herself out of the house.  She called back in a few minutes and said she had gotten in so no need for me to drive in there.  I stopped at a friends house to see how he was doing installing a sway bar.  I found them busy and in the process of putting it all back together.
Working on the back bar

Plenty of room to work.

They had a front bar to put on also but it was the wrong part.  I headed for home when they took a break for lunch.

I got home had a little lunch and then went out to flush the tank and fill it part way with fresh water.  I was also able to mount the 4 fire extingushers.  I put in the fresh water cartridge and flushed it out per the instructions also.  The water tastes really good.

This what it looks like under the sink now
And this is with the sink tops cut out and in place
MIL and SIL came over to all go to the Mothers Day Banquet at church together, I got a quick hair cut and then Elizabeth and Alexus came and they all left for the dinner.  My FIL came over with them and he and I are chatting and watching the Kentucky Derby and now NASCAR.

Happy Mothers day.  Up and off to church.  Then came home and did some things around the house that Bonnie wanted done.  Then we went out and she checked out the work I have been doing in the MH.  Her mother and dad came over for an early dinner.  So we are relaxing and talking.
Hope all of you have had a great day.

Thanks for checking in.