Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rain Rain More Rain and a new Bed

I had big plans for today to work in the yard and pick up more branches.  The grass is getting to the point where it needs cut but the branches and water in the yard are hindering these activities.
So while the rain kept me out of the yard I did go out and work in the garage for a while.  I put another button near the one garage door to close it when I exit the garage.  I also cleaned up some of what has accumulated over the winter.  I took a couple ATV tires out to the road, they are still good so hope someone picks them up that can use them.  Also a couple pieces of steel, hoping a scrapper will pick them up.
Other than that I have been reading more of the Kennedy Detail book on my Kindle and started reading Gary Smalley's book "DNA of Relationships for Couples"  a new class we are taking at church in a couple weeks.
Still hoping to get to work on the MH this week if it dries out some.  I think it is safe to de-winterize the water system now and I have a new water filter I want to install.
Still Raining

Still raining already over 1/2 inch today.  Heading to court.
By the time I got home we have over an inch of rain.  The ditches are full and muddy you can see the water and dirt running off the farmers fields.
Good news, I noticed when I left for court that the tires and metal I put out front are gone!

I ordered a new sleep number bed for the MH and the UPS site says it is on the truck to be delivered before the end of the day, thats more good news.
Just as we were leaving for WW the Big Brown Truck pulled in the driveway.
The Big Brown Truck

He was a nice guy and put the two boxes in the basement, now I need it to stop raining and dry out a little so I can assemble it and install it in the MH.
New Queen Bed for the MH

Spent the evening with my Granddaughter Her I pod is not being recognized on iTunes, all indications are that iTunes will have to be reloaded on their Windows XP machine.

Still raining on the way home 1 1/3 inch in the rain gauge.

I set the alarm for 6:15 this morning as I had a busy day.  Its not raining but it is a bit cool out and very cloudy.  I left for Attica before 8 to go over and help a friend with some spreadsheet info.
This is their business

Mulch is one of the products they produce

I left there at 9:30 and headed for the Courthouse in Batavia.  I had a seminar to attend there for the court.  Then I left there at noon.  I stopped at Tops for gas as Bonnie had enough points for $.40 a gallon off of gas, filled up and saved almost 5 gallons.  Then I was off to Alden to Iroquois Middle school to pick up Alexus.  I took her to Orchard Park to meet her mother for an appointment.
Finally I could head home.  Got home after 2 and caught up on email and dozed off for a couple minutes.  Even though it was cold I headed out and moved the new bed into the motorhome.  It is to be warmer and sunny tomorrow so I hope to get it assembled and tested.
We have our own little water fall.
Water is clear today instead of muddy like yesterday.

Bonnie is home now fixing supper so I guess I will get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.