Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its a Wet Week to be preparing for a Campout

Last night after I posted the update, Emily the cat came in to the living room prancing with a mouse in her mouth.  She looked so proud.  The mouse did not move until she let it go.  Long story short the mouse has expired and is now out of the house.
We ended the day with .98 inch of rain.  While today is dark and gloomy there are just occasional light showers.  I have been catching up on podcasts and checking out some blog updates.
It drizzled most of the day.  I had ordered some things on line and they came today.  First was My-Kap which is a cap to use on my Keurig K-cups so they can be reused.  Bonnie likes the coffee she brought from the Dominican Republic so I refill the k-cups for her.  Second was video cables for the DVD player.  Now all the devices are reconnected to the TV.
I brought the tubs in from the RV.  One for Bonnie, one for food and one for me.  Friday is our first campout of the year, time to start loading up the RV

Another wet day, just drizzle so far.  Caught up on blogs and email, now its off to court and the Town Meeting which is being held at the Elementary School in front of the children.
The meeting went well and while I was there I got a message that the guys were coming to put the doors on the media center.  So as soon as the meeting was over I headed home and they were just starting.
The doors look good, one little thing left to do is add the stiles on the upper doors.
Putting on the hinges

Hanging the doors

Done except for 2 stiles and one knob.
Today was weigh in night at WW for us and we both lost so another good week.
Now home for the evening and hoping that it dries out tomorrow, it was very foggy around here all day today.

I woke up to another wet rainy day, but it is getting warmer its almost 60.  Will catch up on some podcasts this morning.
The sun came out for a while this afternoon so I ran out to get a couple things done.  Loaded some water into the MH and stored the new hose and filter that I bought.  Then I ran the fuel out of the big snow blower, changed the oil in it and put both blowers in the shed for the summer.  Boy is it humid out but at least it is not raining.  Thats about it for today guess we will catch up on TV this evening.
Thanks for checking in.