Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling like Noah

I was up early today and it was sunny.  Of course that did not last but at least it has not rained.  Bill and Jeff were here to finish up the last two doors on the wall unit.  We have to exchange one knob and then it will be done.  Since it was their last day here I picked up a pizza and we had lunch together out on the porch since it was nice and warm today.
I had a call from a friend in Attica so I went over to help with some spreadsheets for a project he is working on.  I got home just before Bonnie.  She fixed summer and now we are going to grind up some ham for ham salad.  Oh and it looks like some storms are headed this way from the southwest part of the state where they have posted tornado warnings.

It continued to rain off and on all night and most of today so far.  Some friends were planning to come over tomorrow to cut some of the down trees in the woods up for firewood, but it is just too muddy.
A table I ordered for the MH arrived via UPS at a little after 10am, he must want off early today.  So I opened it and put it together.
It came in pieces

All together and folded up
Set up to use 
Blogger was having problems and I could not get signed in last night to add to the post but so far is ok this morning.

I did run up to the town building to do a little work at court but it is a slow week.  I have been working for the last couple of days to find a place to camp on Fathers day weekend.  I was trying for a state park up along the lake but they are pretty much booked up on weekends for most of the summer.  So I called Red Rock Ponds and they had sites available so I made a reservation.  This will be our shake down trip before the trip to Pennsylvania to Creation Fest and then over to Crossville, Tn the end of June.

It started raining again late afternoon yesterday and by midnight we had almost .8 in. again.  The backyard was a stream again.  Other than the rain it was a quiet evening at home.

So far this morning it is nice and sunny and blogger seems to be working.  I managed to finish the "Kennedy Detail" book last night and started one written by fellow blogger Nick Russell that he self published in the Kindle store, its called "Big Lake".  So far its pretty good.
Not a lot to write about today.  I went up and worked at court for a while.  Then came home and carried some boxes down to Bonnie's car to donate.  Then we went in to Depew to Hobby Lobby so she could pick up a picture she had framed and she wanted to look around some.
I visited NAPA looking for 28 inch wipers for the MH, but no luck.  They had some but mine bolt on.  I will have to take one off and take it with me.  I also went to Harbor Frieght just to look around.
Then it was over to Elizabeths and she grilled some spicy italian sausage made from chicken it was really good.  Now we are home and ready for bed.  The good news is no measurable rain.  I did see on the scanner a fire call for a vehicle fire at one of the local campgrounds.  I will have to check up on that, I have been reading about a lot of refrigerator fires.
Just checked the radar and it looks like there is rain just west of us.
Coming our way

No rain overnight and it is somewhat sunny this morning.  I set up the DVR to record the races today and when we got home from church we started to catch up on the Indy 500.  I also helped Bonnie hang a few pictures during the pre-race show.  It is nice and warm out and I think you can watch the grass grow.  I actually went out after the race and tried to cut some grace but it is way to wet.  So this afternoon became time for a quick nap and visit with family.

Hope you have had a good weekend and enjoy time with family tomorrow remembering those that have fought for our freedom.

Thanks for checking in.