Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to start cutting grass and prepping for the first campout

Wow the sun was bright this morning and woke me up early.  Thats good lots to do today.  I hope to get gas and diesel for the tractors and cut some grass.  I also want to plug in the MH today and turn on the refrigerator.  We have a weekend campout in two weeks and I want to make sure the black box they put in for the last recall works and keeps working.  There have been reports that it is failing.  Its a beautiful day and the forecast looks good for a few days.
So I went to get fuel and came home with liquid gold.
$67.00 to fill those 3 cans WOW!
So I had a couple hours before court so I jumped on the lawn tractor.
Started right up.  Nothing runs like a Deere!
I cut about 1/2 the lawn the rest is just too wet.  Part of what I cut was still way to wet.
Way to wet.
I also got the refrigerator started up and cooling down.  It was down to 43 when I left for court.

Home now and just finished a good chicken and sweet potato supper.  Thats about it for today.

Bright sunny day again this morning!  I was up and dressed before Bonnie left for work.  Refrigerator was down to 30 degrees so I turned it up so, also had ice.  The ice is a little pink so I will let it make more and clear up.  I collected the trash and dropped it off at the road and headed over to check on Bill and Jeff.  They are putting a second story addition on the house of a friend of ours.  They are making good progress.  They tore off the roof yesterday and today they were putting the deck on for the second floor.
The last floor joist going up.

Roof decking going up.
The lumber for the walls came as I left it, so of them should be up by the end of the day.

After all the storms a couple weeks ago Bonnie and I talked and ordered a weather radio for the RV.  It has an alert when the NWS issues a warning or an alert.

Once Bonnie got home we headed in to WW and then to Elizabeths for supper.  Elizabeth and Bonnie went to their class and Alexus and I watched Jeopardy.
Home now and ready to head to bed.

Up this morning and had to hurry a bit to catch up on reading and then pick up Alexus at school for a Dr appointment.  Picked her up at 10:30 but on the way I passed close by where the guys are working.
Two walls up
They are making good progress.
I picked up Alexus and we met her mother at the Dr.  Afterward I took her to McDonalds to grab lunch and then back to school.  Since I was passing by the job site I stopped to check the progress.
All the exterior walls are up
By 1:30 all the exterior walls are up and they are working on the partition walls.  The roof should be on tomorrow.
I came home and grabbed a quick bit to eat and headed outside.
Decided to put the rake on the tractor and rake the driveway.

Ready to rake the driveway
I also spread a few buckets of stone in the low spots.
Stone for the driveway
Finished the driveway and put the winch on the back of the tractor to get ready to work in the woods and clear out some of the dead falls from the last two winters.  After my shoulder surgery last year I was not able to work in the woods, happy to say I think it is in good shape now.
Farmi Tractor winch ready to go
Then I decided to grease the loader.  I could not get two of the fittings to take grease so I removed them and tried to clean them.  I got one back in but the other felt funny coming out and it will not go back in.  So I guess I will add that to my list of things to get,  I have a meeting in Warsaw tomorrow so will stop in at tractor supply.

Well I will get this posted.
Thanks for checking in.