Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to Wash and Shine

I did go out and sleep in the MH last night to try out the new bed.
All ready for a little reading on the Kindle

I ended up with a sleep number of 60 after trying 45 for a while.  I woke up this morning an hour later than normal with no back ache, so it looks like this upgrade is a winner.  We have some sun this morning but a promise of storms later today.
My grand daughter called, she is off school today, and wanted to go to the movies, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  So looks like my plans to wash the MH have changed.  Which is ok because it is now cloudy and dark out and the radar shows rain is coming.  So its off to the movies.
Well the movie was a big hit with Alexus, I know I dozed off at least twice.
I picked up some polish at NAPA and after I dropped off Alexus at home I worked a while on the headlight lens on the MH.  It seemed to take away some of the yellow so I will give it another dose soon.  It was starting to rain as I was working on it.
Bonnie did not get home until 7 so I made a little supper for myself.  Thats about it for today.

After I added to the blog last night we got almost a 1/2 inch of rain, we are over 5 inches for the month now.  It was still dark and cloudy this morning but not raining.  I have just been reading blogs and email this morning, now I need to head up to court and catch up on paperwork.
High on my list of things to do is wash the MH, but it clouds up or rains when I have time to do it.  It was cloudy when I got home but I took a chance and washed the truck, it really needed it.  So I got that done maybe I can do the MH tomorrow.  Tonight is WW so its about time to get ready for that.
Opps gained a little this week.  Now hanging out with Alexus while Bonnie and Elizabeth are at class

I was up until after midnight last night and did not wake up until almost 9.  The sun was out and then it clouded up, but I was determined to wash the MH today.  So around 11 I headed out and the sun came out.  I finished half of it after about an hour.  Then it was time for lunch.  I also ran the generator for its monthly exercise.
Ready for a good washing

Some bird left a present just today

Clean that mildew under the awnings

Before on the right side after on the left.
I started making plans for a Father's Day weekend campout today.  Its close by in a state park and I hope to check it out today on the way to a dinner in Lancaster with my high school classmates.  Well lunch is over back to the other half.  The MH now has a bit of a shine and I am tired but heading to Lancaster.
I had a good dinner of chicken gumbo and it was good to see everyone.  One of our group is moving next week to Delaware, we will miss you Karl.  He will be back and our next get together in in July when he will be back here in the area.  Safe travels my friend.
So since I washed the MH today it decided to rain again tonight, already .4in since I got home.  Its just after midnight so I better get to bed.  Almost forgot its time to post this.
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