Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bummed Out-Campout Canceled

Well I got up this morning with the sun shinning expecting to pack up the MH for the weekend.  Then right at 10am the phone rang, it was Arlie and she had sad news.  The campground had been flooded and is still too wet and soft for us to camp in this weekend plus more rain is forecast, Campout Cancelled.  We also have a wedding to attend this weekend and it is an outside one so I hope the rain holds off for that.

I worked on our trip to Tennessee yesterday and have reservations for all but the last night on the road, so that is good news.  Bad news is that if we do not schedule a short trip it will be our first trip of the year.

Our cable DVR has been messing up and Time Warner is sending a Tech to hopefully change it out this afternoon.  It still looks like it could rain again, I would like to cut some grass but I need to be in the house to answer the phone when the cable guy calls or they don't come.  So I'm doing a little wash and organizing stuff.

Time Warner just called he is on the way, now lets see what happens.  Well I got two new connectors and a newer cable box.  The one I had was from 2006 and this one uses newer technology and so far seems to work better.  Since he left we have had a couple hard down pours just what we need more rain.

We are headed to Eastern Hills Church to hear Chonda Pierce tonight a comedian.

We had a good time last night at the concert she is a funny lady.  I had a big surprise along with about 20 other men.  Of the 1500 people at the concert all but a few of us were woman.  I guess this event was part of the women's ministry program at the church but I laughed a lot and had a good time.

I received an email last night from a long time friend, we met in 1968 in the Navy.  He and his wife will be camping close to where we plan to spend the night on July 3rd near Blacksburg, VA, so we are hoping to stop and get together for a little while.  We have always enjoyed our visits with Frank and Shirley.

Today was dark and drizzly again.  I went up to court for a while through the fog.  Only stayed about an hour but will have to go back tomorrow.  When I got home I decided I had to try to cut some of the grass that is close to being hay.  Now I have what looks like a big mess with all the mud on the grass in the tire tracks again, but it will cleanup and look good in a day or two.  Sure hope it dries up soon.

I took a quick drive over to Beaver Meadows where we were to camp this week end.  Only saw one group of campers sitting out.  There are a lot of seasonal campers there and they had a covered deck.  Looks pretty wet and soggy over there.

Was having a nice relaxing evening with Bonnie, just finished a bowl of ice cream.  Then the phone rang.  Had to go to court, now it is well after midnight and I am back home and headed to bed.
Grilling outside was as close as we came to camping today.

While I got to bet just a few hours ago it was just to bright out to sleep in much.  Bonnie was up and busy when I got up also.  I have some paperwork to finish up this morning so need to get going anyway.  Then we have a wedding to attend over in Perry and I hope the sun stays around for that.

The wedding was very nice and it was inside at the park so the weather was not a factor.  But it was nice bright sunshine.  The were a lot of friends there to share the day with the bride and groom.
The Happy Couple
We got home just before dark but I was able to get the front yard cut, it was way too wet but it is cut.  The forecast here is for rain for the next week.  When I opened the shed to get the lawn tractor out there was a squirrel in the shed that wanted out really bad, so I may have a nest in there.   Now its time for NASCARs All Star Race.

We got up and headed for church this morning.  The sun was out most of the morning.  Once we got home it rained a little.  So we watched what was taped on the DVR.  Now I think the rain has stopped so I may try to cut the rest of the grass that is dry enough to cut.  Got the grass done.  Looks like it will not rain overnight so I think I will try out the new bed in the MH since we did not get to use it this weekend.
I'll report how I slept next week.

Thanks for checking in