Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up around Home


Was up early.  I must say the house bed is not as comfortable as the one in the coach, plus I missed the air conditioning.  I did hear it rain some during the night and that was nice and soothing.  This area needs some nice gentle rain for a good long day.

After some coffee and breakfast I started to go through all the mail and bills to make sure I had remembered them all and paid them on line.  Around noon I took a break and headed to court to start to catch up on all the work up there also.  Spent a couple hours there until about 3 and then came home.  I had to put some air in the tires first time ever, must be from sitting.  They just needed a couple pounds but the warning light was on.

Bonnie got home after a little shopping and made Tacos and then we took it easy this evening.  I did start and finish a little of the wash from the month I was gone.

Still no word from the warranty company about how much they will pay.  They said check back on Monday.


Slept in a little today and then had my coffee ( I did miss my Keurg) and oatmeal.  Read a few blogs and then headed up to court late in the morning.  I was up there until around 3pm.  Lots of paperwork to catch up on.  But our Court Clerk had it all nicely organized and I was able to go through it quite nicely.  About 30 minutes before I left I got quite warm and light headed.  I had not eaten so got a fiber bar I had in the truck and ate it.  By the time I got home I did not feel good at all.  Elizabeth and Alexus were there and they were about to have lunch so I ate.  Still did not feel good.  Checked my blood sugar it was good.  Bonnie checked my blood pressure and said it was very high.  This is the first time this has happened to me so I took a pill she gave me and took a little nap.  Felt much better after that but still not real good.  So we canceled our plans to attend a concert tonight and stayed home.  As I write this I feel back to normal.  Not sure what happened just adjusting back to my normal routine I guess.

I did have a little surprise when I woke up this morning.  Something got to the bird feeder on the rear deck and destroyed it.  Neither of us heard it so not sure what it was.
It looked like this

Now its like this
We got this when we lived in Virginia in the early 90's so it is old.  I have not located it on the internet.  The metal parts are ok but the brittle plastic is shot.  If you see it on line or in your travels let me know.

Thats about it for Saturday.


We were up and out the door on time for church this morning.  It was good to see everyone after a month of being gone.  I feel good this morning and back to normal.  After church Bonnie headed out to the Holland Farmers market to take a few blood pressures.  Her sister has a booth there every Sunday and today was health day.  Then she went shopping with Elizabeth.  Alexus is at Kingdom Bound this week until Thursday when I need to remember to pick her up at noon.

I took it easy and even got a nap until about 4:30.  Then I headed over to see what was wrong with the Gator.  I started it and it was running wide open.  A quick check showed the throttle cable broken and jammed wide open.  I got it to idle and now need to order a new one tomorrow.  I then went up to visit my sister-in-law Carol and Jackson her grandson, my grand nephew.  He is two and today is the first day he warmed up to me and we had a good time together.  Carol made salmon and cauliflower for supper and we all had a popsicle for dessert on the deck.  Bonnie's folks were home now and I stopped down to explain what was wrong with the Gator.  We talked for a while and I headed home with a nice apple pie, Bonnie's mom had made for me.  Hers are the only apple pies I eat, one taste and you would know why.
Thats about it from here for tonight.

Thanks for checking in.