Sunday, January 1, 2012

Officially Sick---New Microwave---New Year


Well I think I am officially sick.  Sore throat, watery eyes, and feel blah!  I have some day quill  capsules so will try those.  Plus today is towel day so I have them in the washer.  No snow so far today but only 16 degrees out.

Well Bill emailed me late this morning and said he nothing to do tomorrow and wondered if we still wanted to take out the hood over the stove, mount the cabinet we took out of the laundry room, and put up the over the stove microwave.  I called Bonnie and she said sure.  Just one big hurtle to get over.  We have not bought the microwave yet.

I feel lousy and Bonnie is not doing well either but we sucked it up and went shopping for a microwave.  I had done some research on the internet so had some ideas.  We started at Lowes but they did not have the one she liked in stock.  Then we headed for Sears.  We saw a sign for Orville's a local Buffalo store and stopped in there.  Saw a Jenn Air we liked but not much on line about it.  So then over to Sears.  They have a lot on display but nothing in stock.  Back to Orville's and we bought the Jenn Air that was on sale plus we have $300 in rebates to send it.  It is a convection microwave, similar to what we have in the motor home so now we can practice at home.  So its sitting here in the house waiting to get installed tomorrow.

The new phones also got delivered while we were gone so as soon as I feel a little better I will get them programmed and set up.

I am beat time to take my medicine and get some rest.  Bill will be here at 8:30 in the AM.


Yes I am still sick some what worse than yesterday.

Got a call from Mom that Bonnie's brother Brian is in the hospital, he is in our prayers.

Bill and Jeff were due at 8:30am they were on the porch at 8:28am ;).

Here is what happened in two hours.

This hood never had a vent fan so basically did nothing

The new M/W awaiting installation

14 minutes after they arrived (no kidding the photos are date stamped)
Always smiling

The cabinet is hung with care.

Replacing the crown molding

All done and the mess cleaned up!  Just over 2 hours
Bill is building a little shelf to go to the right of the M/W and will be back to put it in and paint the areas we uncovered.

I took some medicine and feel somewhat better, and will work on the new phones this afternoon.

New cordless phones
 But maybe a nap first.  What a change in temperature it is up to 45 and yes I did get the wash done.

I did get a short nap in the recliner and then got the phones programmed.  We will have to use them a while to see what else we will change.  I still am not feeling very good so am heading for bed.


As 2011 draws to a close it is a balmy 39 degrees and cloudy.  But the winds of change are headed our way.  NWS has issued high wind warning for tomorrow and also a Lake Effect snow watch with accumulations up to 16 inches.  Then by Tuesday the temp falls to a high of 13.  So remember this and we will see what actually happens.

I am still fighting off this cold at least that is what I am calling it.  We are taking it easy and trying to rest here at home.  We do plan to spend the evening with Elizabeth and Alexus at their house, with a few of her friends.  The new MicroWave is working well and Bonnie seems to like it.

We had a nice evening in at Elizabeth's and lots of food.  Heard there was an earthquake down by Youngstown, Ohio but we did not feel it.

One of the food tables
 The other table had Pizza and breadsticks.  Missing from the table are the wings and shrimp that came after the picture was taken.

Something on TV must have been interesting
Very foggy when we came home around 10 through the dense fog and now its almost the new year.  I will close and say Happy New Year.

2011 was a great year and this one promises to be even better.

I plan to see the new year start and be in bed by 12:05.


I am still fighting off a cold.  Had to take a second dose of medicine during the night last night.  I woke up Bonnie for church but decided I should keep my cold to myself and went back to bed until 9:30.  Once I got up and took the day time medicine I made my oatmeal and coffee and read blogs and emails.  I even caught  the last part of the Chapel's service since it is streamed live on the internet.

It looks like weather wise it will be an interesting couple of days.  At 11 it was up to 49.1 degrees.

Pretty high for Jan 1st in Buffalo
Then soon after that the wind seemed to pickup so that I could here it and the wind chimes.  We are still under a high wind and a lake effect storm watch for tonight thru Tuesday, it could be interesting if we get all that they are predicting.

It rained off and on all day.  I sat in the recliner with my new lap blanket on all day and we watched movies and a little bit of the Buffalo Bills loss to New England.  Then about 4:30 Elizabeth, Alexus and a friend Amanda came out.  Bonnie was sewing hems in some curtains for her.  Plus Bonnie has had Pork and sauerkraut in the crockpot all day and boy has it been smelling good.  I am ready to eat.

Guess we will eat soon and watch a little TV as we wait for the snow to start and its still 39 degrees at 6PM.

Have a great year 2012 should be a great year.

Thanks for Checking In.