Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bachelor Life begins

No worries its just for a week.


Lots of rain all night the sound of the rain and wind woke me several times.  Over 1/2 inch in the gauge this morning.  Sure glad it was not snow.  Rained off and on all morning.

Now the NWS has issued a weather advisory for snow and wind starting tonight.  Figures I have to take Bonnie to the airport leaving here at 2:30am so she can head South.

This is what she wanted for her last meal.  Elizabeth and Alexus came for supper and to say good bye.
We finally had time to watch the Christmas Story, been recorded since Christmas.

Pizza from the Hotel in Varysburg

and Wings, not many left.
Bonnie has gone to bed and I guess I better head in also, guess I will read till I get sleepy.  Not snowing yet.


2am wow that sounds early.  We are both up and getting ready.  39 degrees out thats good.
2:30am Bright eyed and smiling has her coffee and is ready to go

Not snowing yet and still 39.  Left to pick up Mary and the luggage at church in Attica, it is snowing now.  Everyone was at church when we got there and we were on the road by 3am as planned.

It snowed heavy on the way in but it was off and on.  As we got close to the airport the wind picked up and the cars were all snow covered.  We unloaded the luggage and I got them to pose for a group photo.

Unloading the luggage notice the snow in the lights

They look very happy for 3:40am
The trip home was a slow one.  Lots of snow on Route 400 but the plows were out trying to keep up with the snow.  It was blowing and snowing pretty hard.  Saw a couple milk haulers also and one raccoon, not much other traffic.  I got home about 4:40am and there is less snow here than in closer to the airport.  Now do I lay down again or not.

I did go back to bed around 5:30am and got up at 8:30am the cat was meowing not understanding why I was still in bed.  We have about an inch of snow already and boy is the wind blowing.  I checked and Bonnie's flight got to JFK and the second flight is now in the air.  Now to get the wash done, I am a day behind as I did not do the towels yesterday.

They arrived safe and on-time
I read some blogs and then went out and clean the snow off the deck and refilled the bird feeder.  Had the left over pizza for lunch and guess I should go out and clean up the driveway and get the mail.

Well I spent a couple hours outside shoveling and blowing snow.  It was pretty much a losing battle.  Between it snowing and blowing lots of the snow came back.  There are only 4 or 5 inches so it is not that bad.  Its nice dry snow except the bottom is wet from the warm ground.  I used the truck to pack it down again so the blower will not scoop up so many stones.  Hopefully it will freeze tonight and I can us the blower in the morning.  I also had two phone calls inviting me for dinner but decided to stay in and off the roads.  I already have 3 days of dinner invites that I have accepted.

View out the driveway

Only about 4 or 5 inches outside the garage door
Lazy evening watch a movie and some TV.  Time to read a little and sleep.  Its still snowing so will have cleanup to do again in the morning I think there is at least 4 more inches.


Well this morning it is still snowing but he wind has died down, I guess since yesterday afternoon another 6 or so inches.  The birds have been busy at the feeder and have eaten 1/4 of it already.  I read my blogs, had my coffee and watched God Rush.  Nothing left to do but go out and shovel snow so I can head up to court.

All the snow on the railing is from overnight

Wow over 100 views of Wednesdays blog, thanks for checking in.

It gook almost two hours but I got the driveway blown out and some around the garage, it was still snowing so I left some to do later.  I headed to the post office to remain a Christmas package that was returned and then I spent 3 hours up at court and then came back home.

Changed clothes and went out to clear the deck of about 8 inches of snow.  Was almost done when the little blower quit.  Ended up carrying it down to the garage to look at it.  But first I had to shovel the stairs.  I thought I ran out of gas and so filled the tank but that did not work.  Once in the garage I took out the spark plug and cleaned and reset the gap.  I checked the spark and it looked good.  I put it back in and hit the starter.  It started right up but in the dim light I saw the problem.  The spark plug wire was arcing over to the metal of the the blower body.  Not good.  I wrapped it in black tape and that will hold for a little while.  There is no fix but to replace the wire which is probably molded into the magneto assembly.

I put the tools away and carried it back up to the deck and gave it a test finishing up what I need to do.  While I was at it I cleaned the snow off the DISH antenna.  Time to go in and have a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch Air Alaska.

Watched a little TV then tuned in the football game to see how Denver was doing against New England, oh my, guess I will go read and get a good nights sleep.

Looks like another cold night


I was up early and off to church.  The car thermometer said -3 on the way to Attica, another cold one.
I came home for a few minutes after church changed and headed over to my SIL's for dinner with my MIL and FIL and her neighbors.  Delicious dinner, port tenderloin, carrots, mac and cheese.  Then cake and cookies for dessert.  Oh and if you happened to be a vegetarian there was Salmon.

We played a new card game to me called Skip-Bo, I won the first game and lost the next two.  Then I headed off to pick up Alexus from church for our movie date.  She and her mother were setting up for an appreciation dinner at their church.

It looked real nice for the dinner and they helped with the decorating
So Alexus and I headed to Quaker Run to see the new movie Joyful Sound, it was a fun movie and I really enjoyed it.  It was after 7 when the movie was over, all the stores were closed so we headed to East Aurora for supper.
She wanted to eat at:

Hope this does not keep me up late
We each had a sandwich and donut, the sandwich was really good.  Well it was after 8 so we headed for home.  Elizabeth was home when we got there so I went in to  say good bye and see how the dinner went. Just as I got in I got a Facebook call from my GD out in Alabama so I got to chat with her, my other GD and my son.  So I had a great day and a great evening.

Finally home time to do some reading and catch up a little.

Time to post this and call it a night.  Supposed to be 40 tomorrow, wow what weather.

Thanks For Checking In.