Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost Track of the Days


Not sure what happened yesterday but I missed posting the blog.  Maybe the coconut oil I ordered today will help.  I read online where it can help with you memory so we are giving it a try.  Also boosts the LDLs which is good for you.

Most of the day was pretty boring.  I did the towels and watched some TV.  I started working on the taxes but the new Quicken 2012 kept crashing when I tried to run some of the reports I use for Turbo Tax.  So I gave up on that, still plenty of time and I still need some paperwork and forms from the county, since I was still received some checks from them last January.

My main achievement for the day was this.

All set for the next 28 days (mostly vitamins and minerals)

I did prepare some chicken breasts and did them on the grill, baked potatoes in the MW, and mixed veggies.  Bonnie was late as she shopped after work but got home and put stuff away just as the chicken was ready, perfect.  We watched a little TV and talked a nice evening.

I have been researching Smokers as I have mentioned and finally ordered a Bradley tonight.  So next week we should have it.  I am hoping to take it in the MH some and cook with it while traveling once I get it figured out.  A friend, Norb recommended Apple wood for smoking poultry and I like Hickory so have ordered both.  My one goal is to learn how to do BabyBack Ribs the way we like them.

So thats about it for today think I will catch up on Facebook and then read on my Kindle.


4:29AM Is that the phone ringing?  Ok I will be at court as soon as I can get there.  Back home at 6:30 no sense laying down, time for my oatmeal and coffee.  At least I got to see Bonnie before she headed off to work.

I think my two cups of coffee kept me from napping all morning, I did do the wash and ran the dishwasher but I never felt good.  Had some hot soup for lunch after I got the mail and filled the bird feeder.  The soup helped and I started to feel more normal and got a short nap in the chair.

I started to work on my taxes trying to get Quicken to print the reports I needed, but it seems to be a known widespread software issue.  Then the power went off.  Wet icy snow has been falling for a few hours and its pretty windy.  The generator is on but I have not moved the circuit to power the TV and DISH yet.  An hour passed and I tried to get another little nap and the power came back on.  The temperature stayed right around freezing all day so most of the snow is melting.

Bonnie was home on time and we had Nachos for supper, they were good.  Not much on TV so maybe I can get to bed early and catch up on my sleep.  The days have been a bit boring and look like they may stay that way for a while.


Not too cold this morning but it has started to snow.  I think I have a second cold, I usually only get one.  Made it up to court for a few hours but came home not feeling well.

Took it easy all day.  I did get the updated schedule sent out for our camping group but thats about it.

Headed to bed hope I feel better tomorrow.  We did get about 4 inches of snow in the yard, hope it warms up like it is supposed to.


Tough night I did not sleep well, running nose, fever, aching, could it be the flu.  Glad I did get my flu shot or it would be worse.  About 6 inch of snow now but it has stopped so hope I feel well enough later to move some of it.  Decided to stay home from church today and not spread what ever I have around.  Bonnie will go and represent us.

First I was hot, then cold, then felt pretty good so I went out and cleaned the driveway, will rest up and then do the deck.  The birds are out there now for the morning feeding.

Got the deck done too.  Tried to rest and nap.  Then over to my SIL for a haircut, we chatted a bit and then noticed it was snowing.  I jumped in the car and headed home.  The closer I got to home the harder it snowed.  Now just a couple hours later we have a fresh 6 inches of snow.  Guess I will be moving snow again in the morning.

Thats about it for this week.  Hope to get a few more pictures next week.

Thanks for checking in.