Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Coming, Bonnie's home and she has a bug


Nice and sunny at 8am when I got up.  Made my oatmeal and coffee and checked email.  Looks like a storm is coming.  Sure enough the clouds moved in and it is getting darker.  The deer must know something is coming they are in the yard eating grass and I caught one at the bird feeder.

Cleaning up the sunflower seeds the birds knock down.
 When it saw me in the door it took off but did not go far.  Turned around and waited for me to leave.

I think she is saying I really like those seeds 
Had my lunch and noticed it is starting to snow so I went out to bring in the mail, sure is windy and cold out.  I had gotten some things together that need mailed but decided to wait until tomorrow to go to the post office.  Looks like another lazy afternoon.  I did notice some tax information came in the mail guess I will take a look at that.

Well we got a blast of lake effect for about an hour and it dropped 3 inches of snow.  Glad it did not last all night.

Then I talked to Verizon about my house phone bill. I asked about a charge on the bill, they could not really explain it, said it was a long distance charge. I asked to what number, they could not tell me but assured be it was a legitimate call. I said I can save $15 a month switching to a cable phone. Just a minute she said. When she came back she said they are running a promotion and are lowing my rate $15 a month. Think I will call every month.


No new snow overnight so thats good.  Not much wash to do so I think I will wait.  I have kept up on the dishes so no worry there.  I did a little reading and then got dressed.  Put on my coat and went out and cleaned the snow off the deck, boy is it cold, in the teens.  While I was dressed I went down and cleaned the snow up around the garage and pavers, glad thats done.  Surprise UPS came early and brought me a set of earphones for the iPhone and iPod.  They block outside noise and I will use them when I cut grass to listen to podcasts.

Then I jumped in the truck and went up to court for a couple hours and to the post office on the way home.  I baked the last of the refrigerator cookies and they came out good.  About the time I got home the flight bringing the mission team landed in New York City.
Back in the USA
 I hope Bonnie is with them I have not heard anything from her.

Just got out of the shower and about ready to head into the airport.  Not snowing yet

The flights were all on time and we were home on time and the roads were clear.  We took care of a few blisters she had developed and then headed for a good nights sleep.


Up at my regular time.  Bonnie slept in a little but her body clock is still set an our ahead of us.  She worked at unpacking and I got to see her new purchases.  Then I downloaded her photos and put them on a thumb drive.  She has a 1pm meeting to put a report together with the team to present in church tomorrow.

Treating the body and the soul

She made a few phone calls so I went out and shoveled snow around the garage, we got a fresh 2-3 inches overnight.

We headed over to Attica for Bonnies meeting which took about 3 hours.  Then a quick stop at Tops for milk and we beat feet for home as Elizabeth and Alexus were coming over.  I jumped on the tractor to push the snow out of the way at the end of the driveway to make it easier for her to get out.  Bonnie had the chills on the way home and never got over them.  So she watched a little TV and went to bed.  The girls went home and I cleaned up the crook pot and put the ham in the refrigerator.  Heated up some left overs and had that for supper.  A little TV and then off to bed.


Bonnie is feeling a little better and we did go to church and she participated in the report the group gave during the service today.  Then it was home and we have just taken it easy all day.  So thats really about all there is to report on today.  I will post a few more of Bonnie's pictures.

XRAY room at the hospital

Local wildlife visit

Patient interview

Checking the BP the guy in red is the interpreter 

Some of the pretty flowers
Thanks for Checking In