Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Welcome Warmup


I had a good nights sleep without any medicine for my cold.  I am not 100% yet but in the 90s.
The alarm (which I seldom use anymore) went off at 6:30am.  Once I shaved and took my morning pills (part of getting old) I went out to eat breakfast and found that Bonnie was still sleeping.  Looks like I did not get her alarm set right.  My reason for getting up early was to take Alexus to Attica to the dentist.  Since Elizabeth just started her new job she could not take off, but she did bring Alexus here.  They were a bit late (seems Alexus had a nightmare and did not get much sleep).  So we called the office but ended up only being 2 minutes late.

Then it was off to her school, she only missed her first class and the dentist office even provided a note for her.

Dropped off at school with nice clean teeth
Then I headed into East Aurora and closed a checking account I have not used since October and they wanted to start charging me for it, so I closed it.  I had a nice chat with the manager and turns out she was a neighbor of one of my co-workers at Wyoming County when she grew up in Pike.  Finally I am headed for home.

Worked on my finances on the computer the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch.  Of course I had the towels in the washer and then the dryer.  The washer attacked me when I bent over to pick up a wash cloth.  Actually when I stood up my head ran into the soap drawer that was extended and the sharp edge cut my head.

No hair left to protect my head!
I also took time out to load coffee into K-Cups for Bonnie using my K-Caps to reuse them.

Reusing K-Cups
After lunch I worked on a project for a company I help from time to time to figure out some acreage.

Google Earth and Sketch
Not totally accurate but both programs are free.  If you pay for Google Earth you get better accuracy.
I also got a call from a friend with a computer question, after we discussed it he got home and answered his questions himself after all.  A fresh look at a problem often unlocks the answer.

Bonnie called and will be a little late but not bad.  She made it earlier than she thought, good news.
Supper time and then some TV after we look at the snail mail.


Relapse, yep had a rough night and took some different medicine, did not sleep well.  The first load is in the washer.  I plan to be up at the town building by 11 to help hook up the Verizon cellular phones that we are going to use in place of the cable VOIP phones we have been using.

Well bummer the Verizon setup is not going to work because we have multiple phones on the same number.  I did get a computer upgrade done and worked on setting my files up for the coming year.

It was a beautiful day nice and sunny and warm.

Over 48 degrees today, very nice for January in Buffalo
Since it was such I nice day I got the compressor out and checked the tires on the trek and tractor.

Added a little air to all the tires.
Once Bonnie got home we all headed to the Lodge for a fish fry and celebrated Elizabeth's first week on a new job.  Dinner was great and we had a good time.  Then on to home a little TV and a good nights sleep.


Another fitful night, lots f coughing that keep me awake some.  Sunny warm in the 40's day again :).
Off to court for a while.  returned home 3 hours later.

Just in time to head for Jackson's birthday party.

Get all the paper off and then open the box!

Nick coming out of his visit to the new tent.

Jackson enjoying his cupcake and Woggy waiting to clean up the crumbs.

We had a good time at the party and the food was great as always, glad I saved lots of WW points.
We got back home around 8 watched a little TV and now its time to call it quits.

I also spent the evening researching Home smokers and how to smoke meats etc.  It anyone has experience let me know


Another rough night.  Sure wish I could shake this cold which now is mostly a nighttime cough.  Last night took a shot of two different medicines.  The second being NyQuil at 2am.  So I have a NyQuil hangover this morning.

I made it to church and started to feel a little better.  While we were in church it snowed enough to cover the cars and grass, most of it melted during the afternoon.  We had lunch and then I was planning to go to the movies with Elizabeth and Alexus.  I got to feeling not so good so ended up staying home.  We watched a little TV and a movie between naps.  Feeling somewhat better now so will get this posted.  Bonnie leaves for the Dominican Republic next week, keep her and the rest of the Misson Team in you your prayers.

Thanks for Checking In