Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Packed and Ready to Head South

Not me,  Bonnie

I had a reader ask where to get the My-Caps for the K-Cups so here is the link to their site.  I believe I bought mine off of Amazon.  Here is the link
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Winter is so much easier to take when you wake up to bright sunshine!  Another day in the 40's.
It was a pretty laid back day.  I did get out the paint and roller and painted the ceiling over where the microwave was installed.  I also touched up above the sink where we changed curtain rods.  Bonnie got home early for her and we watched a pay per view since we had a certificate.  Mr Poppers, it was pretty good and we enjoyed it.

We fired up the grill and had a marinated turkey tenderloin they called it, with carrots and potatoes.  That was good too.

Then a little TV.  Pretty lazy day.  Going to read a little and then sleep.  Looks like Alabama will win the national championship without much of a problem.


Hate to say it but its dark and overcast today, miss the sun already.
Not too bad of a day.  I did have a session at court today.  All went well, and it was a light case load.

The arm of my chair one of her favorite spots to rest and reflect.
Got home just in time to get changed and head to WW and I lost again.  Then on to Elizabeths for supper.  I was even able to help Alexus with some math homework.  We had a good meal and a good time.

Once home we watched a little TV.  Now I am off to read a while before sleeping.  I am hoping this will be my second night without cold medicine.  But I think Elizabeth has the cold now.

3 nights before Bonnie heads to the Dominican.


Still dark when I woke up, rolled over great the sun is out, ok to get up now.

No real plans for today.

Phone call, now I have plans.  I am headed to Batavia this afternoon.  I need to go to BJ's to shop a little and then get fuel at Tops (Bonnie has credits for $.70 off a gallon)  I should take fuel cans too, then on to pick up the files and get a little instruction on being the Holiday Rambler Chapter 12 Secretary.  I always have a good time with Bob and Caroline so that will be fun.  Bob is our new President.  Caroline writes a blog also every week.  Here's Another Sunday  check it out.

I made it outside to take care of a few things.  I covered up the wood pile where the metal had blown off and started the tractor no problem and the Ranger it barely turned over but did start, guess I should put the charger on it for a while.

Looks good in the sun

All covered until the next big wind storm
So I am off for Batavia.

I had a great time chatting with Bob and Caroline and learning what my duties as secretary are.  I also was given the club records, lots of history there.  They kept very detailed and organized records.  I have big shoes to fill.

Caroline and the box of records plus the black briefcase in the back.
So once we finished with the records I tried to answer some of their questions on the iPad they bought for their daughter.  We had some coffee and some excellent cookies.  I am hoping they have more questions so I can visit again.

Rv'ing to me is all about relationships and we have great people in our club and I enjoy spending time with all of them.

Bonnie had a tough day at work so we are watching a little TV and she is decompressing.  And thats about it for this posting.

Thanks for Checking In.