Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter drags on


I am always thankful for a good nights sleep and I got one last night.  Finished my book "Eminent Domain" by Traci Tyne Hilton.  A big wind blew in last night and its warmer air so it is up to 39 this morning.  I hope to get some work done out in the garage since it is warmer today.  I need to hook up a charging port in the Ranger and go out and read the electric meter.  The gas company only reads it every other month and then send me an email with the option to read it the other month.  Otherwise they estimate it.

It was up to 40 and not raining so I headed out to work on the Ranger.  It was a little sluggish to start so I checked the Battery and sure enough it needed some water added.

Just need to take the green caps off and add some water.

Then I added the charging port for the Battery Tender.

New charging port just behind the roll bar.
 Then I took a test ride out to pick up the mail and get a reading on the electric meter.

Nice to pull right up to the meter in the edge of the woods.
Now to send in either the reading or NTSEG lets you send in a picture of the meter

Bonnie brought home coffee from her trip to the Dominican Republic and her K-Cups were empty so I took the time to fill them for her today.  I will try some of these K-Cups also as the coffee is really good.  Check here for some reviews,  Cafe Santo Domingo

This is some good coffee
Bonnie got home and fixed supper, then a lazy evening of TV and I started a new book.


Really dark out this morning at 7:30.  It was 32 and most of the snow is gone so it must have stayed above freezing all night.  This is the third or fourth time the snow has all melted, it has been a strange winter, but I am not complaining everyday is one day closer to spring, the days are already getting longer.

Busy day today, I have to collect the trash and take it out on my way to work at court, then Alexus might need a ride to school as she goes in late because of mid term exams.  Then we have our annual Business Meeting at church, we a skipping WW, and then I have an audit of my court records by the Town Board.  So it looks like a busy day.  I got up a few minutes early and need to jump in the shower soon and get moving in case Alexus calls for a ride.

Got my home work done this morning and then headed up to court.  The weather got really nasty up there on the hill so headed home after about 3 hours.  Then home and started to watch a movie.  Then the power went out.  The generator came on but does not run the TV center.  So got an extension cord and got the DVD out to watch on the computer.  Note to self, but the TV center on the generator.  Then after a little over an hour power came back to switched back to the TV and DVD player to finish the movie.

Bonnie's home and we are headed to eat out before the church meeting.

We had a great dinner

Yummy Meatloaf Sandwich

Homemade Lemon Meringue pie 
I made it to both meetings and home, nasty weather in Attica and glad to be home.


No new snow overnight :).  I have been tracking a package we first sent at Christmas time and returned here because the PO Box had been closed, but the address still lived in the same town.  So I mailed it again on the 14th and the tracking app says it is back here in Varysburg today, can't wait to see why.  If I send it again it will be via UPS, no wonder the USPS is in such bad shape.

Lazy day today just a little laundry since I skipped last week.

I decided to check the mail and sure enough the package was there.  I headed down to the Post Office, she is at lunch and the window is closed until 1pm.  So I went up to Prallers and had a Tuna Sub for lunch.  Then back to the post office with the torn up package.  I did not post a picture of it because it has addresses on it.  But the post office worker typed the address into her computer and she said it definitely was a valid address.  She also said it was ridiculous that not only was it not delivered but the route it took.

She apologized several times.  So I asked for a refund, sorry no way to do that with the Post Office.  So I said I realize it is not your fault personally but we would be sending it via UPS, she understood.  Soon there will be no Post Office or it will change drastically and become competitive.

Wow where did the night go,  I missed posting this.

Thanks for Checking In