Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A welcome Warmup


It was right at 0 when I went to bed and had warmed up to 19 when I got up headed for a predicted 40 today and tomorrow.

After breakfast I started working on some paperwork for church.  Once it hit 34 I opened the garage doors to dry up the wet floor and warm it up in there.

Forgot it is a holiday.  So I went out and shoveled more snow off the deck so it will dry off with the warm up.  Then went down and moved the truck out of the garage to sweep it out.  Went out to check the mail, thats when it hit me it is a holiday.  I put the 10 gallons of extra gas I got the other day into the truck and CR-V.  Remember it was 70 cents off at Tops.  Of course the spout leaked onto my pants, so when I came into the house I did a load of wash.

Lunch time.  But first I wanted to try baking the cookies I picked up at Tops.  I am trying to learn to use the convection oven we just put in.  Then we can use the one in the motorhome more.
Refrigerator cookies
 The directions said 325 for 15 minutes.  I did the 325 for 12 minutes, it was a minute or two past what I would like.  Plus I like them a little flatter.  Help Caroline!  Can I flatten them a little be bore I bake them.

I need to work on my presentation, only 2 points a piece.
So I had a low point lunch so I could eat the fresh cookies.

Only 3 points
I did eat all 8 cookies but I wrote them down.  Should have saved a couple to have with ice cream latter.


Nice and warm out this morning again with about a quarter inch of rain in the gauge.  This is to go on all day and then Lake Effect Snow, the NWS has already posted up to 1 foot in the forecast.  Of course it all depends where it decides to hit.  I am on my second cup of coffee and already have collected the trash to go out today and cleaned the cat box and fed the cat.  I am also caught up on my blog reading so maybe I can watch a podcast.

Ran up to court for a couple hours and dropped the trash out at the road.  Still raining hard at times but still 46 out wow.  Still supposed to snow tonight.  Heading into Elizabeths for supper, skipping weight watchers.  Then on to the Town Meeting.

Great supper, I ate way to much.  The front came through high winds a gust at 63 mph in Attica, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees so far.  Reports of trees and one building blown down.  The digital clocks are telling me the power was out while I was gone.  So far no snow.  I stopped in at the town meeting and took care of a little work at court.

Got home its almost 10, watched Ice Pilots and now the news then its off to bed after I read a little.  It will be interesting to see what surprises the weather brings us overnight.


The forecast foot of snow turned out to be just a trace overnight.  16 degrees this morning.  Then it snowed hard for about 30 minutes around 8:30 this morning not even a half inch.

Watched a couple podcasts iPad Today and MacBreak Weekly to keep in touch with whats happening in the Mac world.  Also tried baking a few more cookies in the Convection Oven took off a minute and they look good.

Then I got out our Dell NetBook running WindowsXP.  Looks like it will take a while to run the latest updates.

46 updates to download and install, another reason I like my Macs
It took hours but I think the updates are done.  I went out a shoveled the 1/2 inch of snow, I guess just to get some exercise.  Now to get a shower and head to a friends for supper.

Had a great supper of pork, carrots, potatoes, gravy and topped off with pumpkin pie.  Stayed and chatted until after 10 so am going to post this and hit the hay.  Its cold out again 11 degrees.

Thanks for Checking In.