Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Week


I slept better last night than I have lately I may just be on the mend.  Only about 2 inches of snow here and about 30 degrees.  The snow has stayed South of us so far they have 6 or more inches so far.
I did clean the deck off as it is easier to move a couple inches at a time.  Shortly after that the sun came out for a couple hours.  We watched some movies and Bonnie is sorting through old photos getting ready for here next project.

We heard from Elizabeth on her way home.  She had a great first day at work and seemed very happy.

Buffalo Chicken Wing dip for supper (Melanie's recipe) so good.  Then more TV and now off to bed.
All in all a pretty boring day, but so far good news very little snow.


Its a cold 12 degrees out this morning but the sun is trying to come out and it is snowing.  The good news is the Lake Effect Warning has been canceled.

I was about to jump in the shower when the guys called and said they would be right over to install the shelves and paint.  So in a few minutes they were here.  And here is the almost finished project.

Just waiting for the ceiling primer to dry
I say almost done because I still need to put the final coat of paint on the ceiling.  Nice job guys.  Contact me online if you need any work done.  Now I am headed up to court to catch up and to drop the trash out at the road.  Later today is WW.

Wow is it cold out.  The car thermometer said 3 degrees on the way home from court.
At least the sun was out and the days are getting longer again.

Good week at WW Bonnie and I both lost 2.6 lbs.  Then on to Elizabeths for one of my favorite dinners Shake and Bake Pork Chops, potatoes and peas.

Hard to see but it says -4
-4 on the way home from Elizabeths tonight.  So cold the low tire pressure alarm went off in the car, I checked them all and they were just a lb or 2 low.  I topped them off so they should be good now for the winter.  Its a good night to curl up in bed with a good book and an extra blanket.  Think thats what I will do.


Well the sun came out today and warmer air moved in again temperature got up to almost 30 degrees.  Even so the snow did not melt much.  I had a long list for today and worked on the computer most of the morning.  Then had a quick lunch.

After lunch I shoveled off the deck all the way around the house and the stairs going down to the garage.  Then filled the bird feeder, those Gold Finch have been hitting it hard.  I notice a few deer tracks up to the feeder also.  I have also seen 3 squirrels at a time out there.  Then down to the garage and shoveled the paver area and then used the snow blower in front of the garage.  I have not used the tractor and blower yet so figured I better start it and use it to pack down some of the driveway.  That led to adjusting the garage door as it was not going up all the way with out stopping.  Finally done with the snow but still had to move the truck out and sweep the water out of the garage.

Once back in the house I sorted receipts and paperwork, preliminary work for doing the taxes.  Then around 4 I was done and sat back down.  When I was out I took a look at the propane tank, down to 20%, I checked the records and its been almost 2 months since they came.  A short time later the propane truck backed in and filled the tank, 202 gallons.  So we should be good till the end of February unless it gets extra cold.  Next in the driveway was the UPS truck with an Amazon delivery.  Some adapters so we can plug in the new phones next to the beds.

Bonnie came home, made a good supper and then I napped while she watched some of her shows.
Then we watch Hawaii Five-O and thats about it for tonight.  Sorry not much exciting happening and sometimes thats good.

Thanks for Checking In.