Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buddy can you Spare a Rib

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Woke to a rainy day this morning not a hard rain just gentle and it will hit 40 today.  Changing my wash schedule and plan to do all the wash today, less stress for Fridays when I also go up to court.

I started the new book last night, first real printed on paper book I have read in a while.  Boy is the type small and no button like on the Kindle to make the font larger :(.  So my eyes tired quickly, but I got through the intro and the first chapter.

Heard some beeping and the Propane Truck is here, wow he dropped off over 400 bucks of propane.  Last refill was just about 6 weeks ago, another :(

At over $2 a gallon that truck is worth a lot 
Lots of blog reading this morning and of course I finished the laundry before lunch.  The dentist called and wants Alexus there early so I will pick her up as soon as her bus drops her off.  Then her mom will pick her up here and stay for supper.

Well we got there almost a half hour early and they took her right in and she was out quickly with a new filling and sealant on her teeth.  Alexus snapped a picture of the SPCA that was raided yesterday, still lots of activity there. (They say there were over 300 cats there.) (Now saying over 500)

A drive by picture on the way home from the dentist.
We cleaned up lots of the leftovers for supper tonight.  Alexus worked on her homework using our computers and we caught up on recorded TV.

Elizabeth brought the dessert.

It was very good, but lots of points!!


I woke up feeling like I had slept till 10am, but the clock said 7:50.  So I got a good start on the day, the sun was out for a while but it ended up snowing a little, just a dusting.  I worked up at court for a couple hours and then came back home and watched some podcasts.

More leftovers for supper tonight and watching recorded TV.  Pretty much an easy day.  Our income tax returns were filed yesterday and today they were accepted.  Now to wait for the refunds and wonder if we will be audited.


We are back to a winter wonderland this morning just a trace of snow but everything is white.  We both had a lazy morning and decided to watch the first 3 hours of Masada around noon.  Its a two disk movie and blockbuster only sends me one at a time.

During the movie we got a snow thunderstorm, with a couple real good boomers.

After the movie I got about 10lbs of spare ribs Bonnie brought home yesterday prepared with Pappy's rub for tomorrow in the the smoker.  Think we will try Apple wood smoke this time.

All rubbed down and ready to rest overnight in the fridge.
I was out to check the mail earlier as I did not have to work at court today, the papers were here but not the mail.  So I went out about 4:30 to check the mail.  Our mail was there, along with mail for 3 of our neighbors, nice job Post Office.  They look like bills so they won't mind waiting.

Just before dark Bonnie spotted the deer digging through the snow to get at the grass in the back yard.  Interesting how their backs were covered with snow and it did not melt.  Too dark to grab a picture.

NASCAR starts today so I guess we will watch some of that this evening.  Pretty thrilling end to the race.


Up and getting ready to head to Attica for Church.  No new snow overnight but it is down to 24.

As soon as we got home I fired up the smoker and put the apple wood bisquettes in it.  Then took down the ribs and put them in the smoker.

Spread them out on the racks

Into the smoker for 4 or five hours
On one of my trips down to baste the ribs I saw a Red Cardinal on the deck eating sunflower seeds.  Bonnie got home after helping her sister who just had surgery Thursday.  Then she went to an antique co-op and bought a few things.

The first rack is done and ready to eat the others will be soon to follow.

Off after a little over 4 1/2 hours
Well they look good and Bonnie had a sample and said they were good.  I want to get this posted so I will report in the next blog on how they were.

Thanks for Checking In.