Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time for some basketball


Well it was a bit cooler this morning but not really cold for this time of the year.  I read and worked on the computer this morning and before I knew it the morning was gone.  I had a quick sandwich for lunch and then headed over to Attica.  I was headed to help out at the logging company I used to work at.  I still help occasionally and today we were reviewing some reports and forms that needed sent into the state.  They all looked good and that didn't take to long.  Then we worked on a few computer issues and did what I could until almost 5pm.  I plan to go back and finish up in the near future.

Then it was off to the hight school for some basketball.  I enjoy high school sports and try to attend when kids I know from the community or church are playing.  Attica and Alexander were playing today and I knew kids on both teams both JV and Varsity.  Both games were pretty exciting and the kids I knew all played very good.  I cheered for Attica since my school taxes go to support that team.  Even though the score was close in both games Alexander came out on top.  I really enjoyed my time there and got to visit with good friends and say Hi to others I have not seen for a while.

The guys provided the action

The gals entertained during the timeouts
Once home I got good news from several friends.  Our friend that had a knee replacement is doing well and moving about her room ready to get released and head to rehab tomorrow.  Another sent a message that started "Its a Girl" yep after two boys they have a little girl Eden Rose, I love that name.

Its after midnight again, I am headed for bed with a smile on my face and thankful for a great day and great friends.  God surely has blessed me.


Second night in a row no Nyquil so I am on the mend, not completely better yet but doing good.  Its a bit overcast this morning and as I look out the front window several deer are grazing int the front yard.  I have not mentioned them much but most times when we look outside they are somewhere in the yard.  Still having my second cup of coffee but one load is in the dryer and the next is in the washer.

Took a break from my domestic duties and went up to court for a few hours.  It always amazes me how much there is to do up there.  Today I signed and transmitted my monthly report to the state and looked over the cases for Monday night.

Back home and resumed my domestic role.  Finished the wash, did the dishes, had a bowl of soup for lunch and then grilled sausage outside for supper.  During all that I tried to watch MacBreak Weekly one of the podcasts I like to watch.

Bonnie had the rest of the dinner in the crockpot and we enjoyed that and then watched the shows that were recorded on the DVR and I chatted with my sister for a while.

Time to read for a while and head to bed.  Good news is our camping buddy was transferred to rehab today and all reports are that she is doing great.


Beautiful morning and a beautiful day.  I tried some of the coconut oil in my oatmeal today and boy was it good.  Then ran up to court again for a few hours.

Not much snow for the 4th of February and nice and sunny
Came home for a little lunch and then watched a couple shows with Bonnie.  We then headed over to drop off some stuff at her parents and sisters.  I got my first birthday present from mom and we picked up some fresh eggs from her sister.  Then we headed to Elizabeths for dinner.  We are calling it our Christmas dinner since we were not together at Christmas time.

We had a great meal

Thats the almost full moon through the skylight
The ham, potatoes, mac and cheese, collard greens, and corn spoon bread were all delicious.  We all ate too much.  We had a good time together and made it home by about 9.  We had Gold Rush recorded and finished up the evening watch it and a little TV.


We were up and on our way to church in good time this morning.  Such an unusual winter, its in the 30s but not much snow, no one seems to remember a year like this.  Our area makes a lot of maple syrup and the trees like to give up their sap when it is in the 20s at night and 40's or so during the day.  I talked to one producer today and they are off to a really slow start, I hope it all works out for them.

We took it easy all afternoon and its now almost game time, yes its SuperBowl Sunday.  So I am going to settle back and watch the game, and of course the commercials.

Thanks for Checking in.