Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Mission


Well after I went to bed the snow that was not sticking to the roads got cranked up and "Lake Enhanced", plus because we are out in the hills we ended up with a good 6 inches on the deck and more in the yard.  The NWS warnings that came in my email said it was falling at a rate of an inch an hour.  It is to get up to 40 today and stayed around 31 most of the night.  Lots to do now today, the snow and laundry will take most of the day.  Hope to read some not only blogs and email, but I find I keep picking up "Water for Elephants" to see what happens next.  Also have a couple of the weekly podcasts to catch up on.

Well I went out two time first to clear off the deck and later to do the driveway and around the house.  Now its 41 and the sun and temperature are helping out.  The wash is almost done and now its time for some NASCAR.  Today sets the grid for the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  Dual Gatoraide races is the process used, 6 drivers will go home today.  This is the first year the Sprint Cup cars are using fuel injection so lots of changes to keep up with.

Well the race was on I napped a little but they raced on and the field is set for Sunday.  We had Bonnie's Chili for supper and watched some more recordings.  Time to read a little and then off to dreamland.


Fresh thin blanket of snow this morning and a bit overcast.  Still in the low 30's just above freezing.  The plans today are to head downtown and visit Elizabeth at the Buffalo City Mission where she works.  Planning to take Alexus but its hard to get a teen to want to do much.  We plan to have lunch and then head back home.

So I picked up Elizabeth, it was raining and in the 40''s and we headed downtown Buffalo.

This is where Elizabeth works, the Mission mover here in 1984

This is her office

This is some of the sorted donated food, for distribution to families

This is the Agape room where clothing is given out from

This is why the Mission exists and is the front lobby.
We were able to have lunch at the Mission with Elizabeth, they serve 3 meals a day two seatings each.  Those coming to a meal attend a chapel service first and then eat.  There are also two dorms where you can stay 3 nights but you have to leave during the day.  There is also a 2 year program for those interested and rooms to stay and study in downstairs.

From there we headed out to Java Village to see if we could help with the cupcake production for the big party on Sunday.

My first assignment was a "man job"

An outlet needed replaced.

The start of the butterfly decorations

Filling in the centers

Wings and Feelers

Cupcake baking

Ready for icing
So we had to leave about 4:30 and about 25 of the 100 cupcakes had been baked, I have heard since they did get finished late last night.  Alexus and I headed for our house.  Elizabeth met us there and we all headed for Applebee's in Batavia.  I think we all enjoyed our meals but wow lots of WW points.

Afterward we went to BJ's and Bonnie picked out a new TV, wow its 55 inches and right now seems really big.
Our new TV

The wind is howling and its almost midnight I am off to bed, it is to snow all night.


Well it stormed all night and it still is this morning but we only have about 6 inches of snow but it is getting blown all over and forming drifts.  Still not real cold 28 so thats good.  Almost time to head up to court for a few hours.

Up to court for a couple hours, boy is the wind blowing plus some some periods of heavy snow.  When its snowing and blowing you can not see my truck parked 20 feet from the building.  Once home we worked on the new TV a little and some other things.  The girls are coming for supper and a movie around 6.

I waited until about 5 then went out to clean the driveway and around the house.  Heavy wet sticky snow.  The large blower on the tractor plugged up a couple times, the small one was fine.  Took about an hour but I got it down.  Leftovers for supper and we decided to watch Annie, the original version.

Movies over and its about time for bed.  Big Party tomorrow.


Today is Bonnie's moms 80th Birthday.  We are all headed for a big celebration with over 60 people right after church.  The sun is out this morning and forecast is for more of the same today so no snow or high winds to contend with.

After a powerful church service we headed over to Byrncliff for the party.  It was a great party and it was nice for to have all of Bonnie's siblings together and get a couple pictures.  Mom belongs to about 22 different organizations and I think they were all represented by the 60+ people that were there.

All the finished cupcakes

Part of the crowd

The birthday girl

Pastor Norm, Mom and Dad

All Our Children
We had a great time and it was fun to visit with everyone and catchup on all the family news.

Got home to find out the Daytona 500 has been rained out and will be run tomorrow.  Oh well.

Guess we will watch the recorded shows and get this posted.  Have a great week and Thanks for Checking In.

32 Relatives celebrated together today