Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smokey Butt


Today is nice and sunny and I was awake and up early.  I have been wondering this morning if we will ever move again.  Its a lot of work and we are comfortable here.  We had such a good time with family yesterday that I would hate to miss out on that.

My Dell PC is acting strangely so not sure what I will do about that.  It does not go into the sleep mode properly and then does not want to wake up.  Guess I will try shutting it all the way down for a while, at least until I get the taxes done.  If I have to replace it, it will be a Mac.

I have more snow to clean up around the house and deck today, make a run to the post office and then up to court later today for a session.  Add to that to fill the bird feeder.  Guess I will read a few more blogs and catch up on those cyber friends.

So after about an hour outside I have cleaned up the snow around the house and garage.  Then I swept the water out of the garage and cleaned off the deck.  Still some seed left in the feeder so decided to wait on that.

Before lunch I decided to prepare the pork for tomorrow using the Pappy's rub.

Bonnie got a good deal on these

The mustard is used as the "glue" to keep the rub on the meat

Adding the rub

Wrapped and then into the refrigerator for the night
 After I put the pork in the refrigerator I heated a bowl of soup for lunch and saved room for a nice piece of pie.

My birthday pie.  I like the hearts, I am the favorite son-in-law (there is a story there)
Now maybe a nap before court.  Well I did doze a time or two for a few minutes.

Busy night at court even though there were not many cases on the calendar, we had a few show up out of the blue.  Lots of snow melted today and the next couple days will be more of the same.

Time for a little reading now and then hopefully a good nights sleep.


Happy Valentines Day!

My daughter woke me with a call to wish me a Happy Valentines Day, it was a good thing as I needed to get the smoker set up and started.  So that is heating up and I will put the meat on shortly.  Then its off to do some errands work at court some.  Then back home collect the trash and take it out.  Then off to WW.  Wow I better get going.

Meat is on and ready to go

Smoke is on
I let the meat smoke and cook while I was gone and it did just fine and finished in about 5 hours.

All done oh boy
Now its off to WW and then Elizabeths for hopefully some good pulled pork.  Gained a little this week, have to try harder next week.

Well the pork butt was a success.  We all had a nice salad that Elizabeth made and then potato's and the pork.  I know it was good because Alexus had three helpings and she is a very picky eater.  Guess I should have taken some pictures of the cut up product but we were all anxious to eat it.

Home now looking forward to finishing my book tonight.  I am fasting now for blood work tomorrow.  Note to self do not have lab work done the day after Valentine's Day.  It will be interesting to see how these numbers turn out.  TV time now, then finish my book and get to bed a little earlier than usual.

Bonnie gave me her heart on a silver platter for Valentines.


Up early this morning.  Got dressed and headed to the lab for blood work.  I walked in right at my appointment time and they took me right in.  Then I had a deposit to make at the bank and that went smoothly also.  I quite often stop at Charlies for breakfast after my lab work but did not feel like it today.  So I stopped for gas, I wanted to use a prepaid card and so went in to give them that.  I had to give an amount so I told them $70.  The card had $71 left on it and I did not think it would take that much.  Well the pump shut off at $70 and the tank was not quite full.  So now I had $1.00 left on that card.

Back home I swept out the garage and shoveled the little bit of snow that was around the pavers.  Its warm 37 so I left the garage doors open to let it dry out some.  Now to catch up on some video podcasts.

Pretty easy day today.  Ready to watch Survivor tonight and then start a new book "Water for Elephants" which I got for my birthday.  Another good day, Thanks for Checking In.