Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Smoker arrives broken


So another 8 inches or so of snow, that makes 14 or more in the last 2 days.  I had my first cup of coffee and headed outside.  An hour and fifteen minutes later I had the driveway cleared out, I was expecting the big brown truck.  Within five minutes of me getting upstairs it pulled in.

UPS likes to use this spot to drop off packages

These will make the smoke in the smoker, it is to be delivered tomorrow

This is supposed to help our memory, I know I read that somewhere just not sure where?
I still have the deck to clear again.

White on white hard to see the exact amount on the railing and hard to see the birds on the feeder
So after a brief rest I will dress warm and tackle the deck.  I still have a cold but I feel ok, and the fresh air is good for me.

Its 12:40 now and I think I have time to relax deck is clear and the sun is out.

This cold is really hitting me hard.  I felt good this morning when I was out working on the snow but I am really tired now and am tired of my nose either being stuffed up or running.  I did work on our taxes for an hour or so after a brief nap, so far it looks good (we do not owe).

Bonnie has a DR. appointment after work so will wait on her for dinner.  Gave up and made a bowl of soup.

Another TV evening, Bonnie did make it home safe and sound.


Nice sunny morning, Nyquil induced good nights sleep.  Still have the cold, but I think it is starting to clear up.  Its only 8:50am and already its 43 outside, that will melt a lot of snow again today.  Busy Tuesday again trash, cat box, court, WW.  Maybe work some more on the taxes.

The UPS truck rolled in while I was sweeping out the garage and dropped off the new smoker :)

My happiness turned to sadness as I unpacked the new smoker :(

Heres the box good and sturdy

So far so good

Lots of stuff packed inside, perhaps too much weight

This is out of kilter, should be centered

The insulator is broken

Plug is broken on the rear of the cabinet
I did find a hole in the box that lines up with the broken plug
So I sent off an email with pictures through Amazon to the seller.  I am hoping I do not have to try to repack all this stuff and ship it back.  It really appeared to be packed well but I think a fork lift tang went through the box and maybe the box was dropped causing all the stuff inside to shift.  I was hoping to fire it up in this nice weather and at least get it seasoned.  I have yet to determine if it heats up, I am waiting to hear from them and have saved all the packing.

I mailed some letters for our camping club and made it up to court for a couple hours, back home now and waiting for Bonnie, back to WW tonight.

One of our camping friends is having knew surgery today so I am waiting to hear how that went.  Got the update and while it was a long day she is doing great.

We both did good at WW and then stopped at Elizabeths for a good dinner and time together.  Drove home and it was 50 degrees out still, the snow is again melting fast.

Time to relax, read, and sleep.  More tomorrow.


Slept like a rock.  Woke up in the same position I laid down in thanks to Nyquil.

Bummer I heard from the company about my Bradley Smoker, it is too damaged and they want me to repack it and return it.  Good thing I took lots of pictures, just maybe I can get it back in the box.  Wish me luck.  It only took about 45 minutes and the pictures made it possible, I got it all packed up, taped up and the label on it to send it back.

It all fit back inside
I will drop it off at the UPS store later today on my way to dinner with some of my high school classmates.

The smoker was dropped off and I had a wonderful time with lifelong friends tonight , its time for bed as its after midnight.

Thanks for checking in.