Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Close the book on another year


They say its my birthday.  I know I was there but I do not exactly remember it.  But every February 6th for the last 63 years friends and family have told me Happy Birthday and today is no exception.  So Thank You all very much.

I was up early and in Attica by 9:30am for my appointment at the dentist for a cleaning.

When the dentist and his staff are friends you are happy to see them.
All went well but I do have a cavity so will be going back later this month to get that taken care of.  I stopped off at the Logging company to make sure their data was backing up likes its supposed to and I believe it is, I will know for sure next time I get over that way and check in.

Then it was off to Smokeys in Java Center for lunch with a former co-worker.  I had a real juicy burger and we caught up on the last year, a real nice way to spend some time on my birthday.  Now I am home for a quick stop and then up to court for the evening.

As I left for court there were 6 deer grazing just outside the kitchen door.  Court was quick tonight and I was home by 8.  We watched a little TV together and we got to FaceTime with our family out in Alabama.

I was totally amazed at how many folks took the time to FaceTime me today and wish me a great day.  I really appreciated everyone taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.


Must have been tired because I slept in about an extra hour today.  Tuesdays are busy for me so I better get going.

Collected the trash and cleaned the cat box.  Then got ready to head to Strykersville to the Post Office and Bank.  Dropped the trash off at the end of the driveway and hit the road.  It started to snow a little near Byrncliff but nothing that will amount to much.  I spent a couple hours at court and as I was headed home these guys showed up.

Keeping the salt barn full
We really have not had much winter but the two 18 Wheelers in the back are working to keep the salt barn full and ready to go.  Our town guys will mix the salt with grit and sand and then finally spread it on the roads as needed.

We will head to WW and then my birthday dinner at Elizabeths.  Well neither one of us did so good this week, but I did enjoy the WW meeting.

Then off to Elizabeths, that sang to me and I even got presents, a perfect birthday.  Then the dinner was delicious chicken, twice baked potatoes, and mac and cheese.  Plus Alexus backed me a cake and it was delicious.

Remote meat thermometer to use with the new smoker

Weber Saucing system to keep the bbq meat well basted
Bonnie ordered me a Strongback chair to use around the campfire this year.  Great gifts and I look forward to trying each of them out soon.

I tracked the return of the defective smoker and it was delivered yesterday so I am hoping to hear that the new one is on the way so we can get it set up and start using.

Finally home and ready to catch up on our recorded programs.


Woke up to see a half dozen or so deer outside the back door again, in fact they saw me before I saw them.  Did a load of whites and read some blogs while the machines did the work.  Then I headed in to a Super Walmart to pick up a table for the smoker.  Then up the road to have lunch with Bob a former co-worker.  We try to get together for lunch a few times a year and never seem to run out of things to talk about.  I always have a good time.  Once home I got the table/cart assembled and put out on the deck.  Looks like the new smoker will not be shipped until next week, they must be waiting for a shipment of new ones.

Just after Bonnie got home FedEx brought our new DVD player, the old one did not want to give the disk back when it was done playing.  This one is also Blu-Ray and connect to internet services which I get with my Amazon Prime membership.  So will try to set that up later tonight.

Bonnie and I are catching up on some recordings this evening after leftovers for supper.

Time to get this posted.  Thanks for Checking In.