Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food Day


First the promised update on the ribs.  Bonnie and I really enjoyed them.  They actually exceeded my expectations by quite a bit.  They were tender and tasty.

I left home about 10:30 to pick up the girls to go out to lunch.  Bonnie had already left to take her sister to the Dr. for her post op check up.

On the way to Grover's we took a quick drive by the house I grew up in to see the new siding and windows that the new owners have put in.

My childhood home
I was hoping to get to Grover's before the noon lunch rush.  We got there about 11:45am but still had a 40 minute wait until the first shift finished.  There are only about 15-18 tables and limited seating at the bar.  You sign your name on a chalkboard and then try to find a place to stand and stay out of the way of the servers.

The building was President Grover Cleveland's hunting lodge
We finally got seated and looked over the menu.

Happy to finally get a table

We focused on this part of the menu 12oz burgers

Another table opens up
We ordered Cheeseburger soup to share and we each got a burger and shared fries and onion rings.

Soup and 3 spoons

Alexus takes her turn

The feast is spread out.  AKA the WW Special.

Could barely open wide enough to bite it

3 of the many satisfied and full customers, yes we have to go boxes
After lunch we stopped at BJ's so Elizabeth could shop.  I ran into a contractor that I used to work with when I was in the 911 Center.  Then on to the Galleria so Alexus could find some jeans at Old Navy.  I visited the Apple store and wandered about a little then got a cat nap in the car.  Then we headed home.

No supper for me tonight I am still stuffed, Bonnie had some more of the ribs and a baked potato.


Up this morning and got ready for a busy day.  I got dressed and headed to Attica to attend a funeral service for a former coworker's Mom.  I thought I was early by 15 minutes.  Nope I had the time wrong and was 15 minutes late.  But I was able to catch most of the service which was very nice and very well attended.  I was able to visit with him afterward and assure him the days will get busy.  Do we ever get over mourning for our parents, after all they gave us our life.  I know I still miss mine and remember lots of good times with them.

I headed straight to court from there and then to the bank and post office.  Had a nice surprise shortly after I got there, a FaceTime call from Reagan our almost 2 year old GD.  We had a good chat, I did most of the talking and she responded by pointing to her ears, nose, mouth etc as I asked her where they were.  Also saying Poppy a lot and waving to me.  It was a nice visit, unfortunately she is not feeling well, maybe and ear infection, so hope she feels better real soon.   I put in a couple hours and then home.  I got the trash collected and now a few minutes to update the blog and relax before heading to WW.  Elizabeth has promised a good salad for supper.  Just looked out its snowing and 34 degrees.  Forecast for the next couple days is temperatures in the 40's and maybe some rain.

Well after yesterdays lunch I gained a little, time to get serious about the program again.  We had salad for supper at Elizabeths and a couple pieces of Valentines chocolate.  We watched Hawaii Five O  and my buddy Pooh Bear kept me company.

He looks pretty comfortable
Then home and watched a little TV and read.

I have an eight o'clock dentists appointment in the morning so early to bed tonight I hope.  My appointment card says 11 but they have me in the book for 8am so I can make that work.


Up at the crack of dawn and headed to Attica for my 8:00AM dentist appointment.  Just before I left the house a heavy down pour of ice balls came down.  The hill out front was solid ice and the cars were moving slowly.  No problems on the drive over and an hour later I had two new fillings.  I stopped over at church to copy Sunday's sermon.  Then later worked on it and uploaded it to iTunes.  We try to get them all recorded and uploaded there.  Just search the podcast area of the iTunes store for First Baptist Church Attica and you should find them.  We had some audio problems on the first ones but they are sounding pretty good now.  Then I went over to Ace hardware to pick up some screws that I needed as I am working on a mount that will work with my new GPS for the motor home and my RAM mounts.

It snowed all afternoon but it is 36 so is not sticking on the roads just the grass, its been an odd winter.  Bonnie got home on time and is busy making spaghetti for supper, oh boy.

The spaghetti was great and Bonnie made chili for another night.

No real plans for the rest of the evening just tracking Bonnie's sisters flights from Reno.  So I will get this posted.

Thanks for Checking In.