Sunday, February 12, 2012



Oops I hit the publish button before I wanted to yesterday so will put that info in here.
Its been so nice here that our local golf course was open both Saturday and Sunday, a first at least as far back as I can remember.

I also wanted to post a couple picture of the stream out front that runs under our driveway.  Seeing it in purpose is better but the ice over top of the running water was pretty.

And here is the new table/card for the Smoker once I get it set up.

Emily keeps an eye on what I do.
So that catches me up.  Today is nice and sunny again.  If you remember last year I wrote day after day about how overcast and gloomy it was, so this is very nice.  I would love to get out in the yard to start picking up branches but it is just to soft and the ground is not frozen.  Catching up on my MAC podcasts this morning and plan to work on taxes this afternoon.

Well I was able to work on the taxes for a couple hours this afternoon and made it through.  I will wait a couple more days and wait to see if anything else comes to mind.  I had to file an amended return one time and now try not to get in to big of a hurry.  Looked out the front door this afternoon and the front yard was full of deer munching on the grass.

There are 6 in the picture and more off to the sides
A friend of ours mother is in the hospital so Bonnie was going to visit her in Warsaw after work and I think she was going shopping also.  Hey she just got home better go help carry in the groceries.  Wow lots of heavy food.

Just got an email my smoker is supposed to come tomorrow via UPS, I ordered some Rub from the West coast and Bonnie just bought a pork butt so maybe we will be trying the smoker by this weekend.

Thats about it for today, I hear we may get a little snow tomorrow.


Glanced out the door when I got up this morning a sure enough more deer in the yard.  Checked UPS and my smoker is on the truck along with the rub, oh boy.  Its Friday so through in the laundry and read some blogs along with breakfast.

Jumped in the truck and up to court for 3 hours.  Back home picked up the mail but no smoker yet.

Elizabeth and Alexus came for dinner and Bonnie got home on time also.  Finally the big brown truck pulled in the driveway.  He brought the rub.

It is famous on the West coast so we will give it a try.  Elizabeth also brought my StrongBack chair that was delivered yesterday.

My new chair for sitting around the campfire

Very Comfortable some say the best they ever sat in, time will tell
So tomorrow or later tonight I will unpack the smoker.  The UPS man said he figured the first one was damaged when he saw this one on his truck.  We had pork butt that Bonnie did in the slow cooker and it sure was good along with a nice salad.  Now we are waiting to watch a movie at 8 called I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT.  Well not a bad movie but not a great movie.  It started to snow and the girls headed for home when the movie ended.

I went out to the garage to unpack the smoker.  The box had a hole and was a little beat up.

Something Poked a hole

Tops a little beat up

A small rip
But once I got it unpacked it all looked pretty good, no dents and nothing broke.  The door does not seem to seal real good but that may get better when it warms up some and the gasket is more pliable.

The control box powers up

The heating element works

Set up and ready to go
Tomorrow I will fire it up again and put some smoke to it to season it and then Sunday maybe we can try smoking the pork but.


Woke up this morning to about 1/2 inch snow.  I think it has snowed all day and now we have 4 or 5 inches.  We were able to get a lot done today.  First I took the ladder into Elizabeths and Bonnie met her sisters at the town hall to notarize some papers.  Before I left with the ladder I set up the smoker outside and seasoned it.

Set up and ready to run some smoke
 I also set up the remote talking thermometer that Elizabeth got me and it worked fine all the way up to the living room.

Works good but I did have to read the directions
 Once I got to Elizabeth's we set up the ladder and Bonnie got to work vacuuming the ceiling fans that are pretty high up.

Is Elizabeth the supervisor or the safety officer?  Your choice.
Once done I headed to court for about an hour and finished up some paperwork.  Then home for some delicious home made split pea soup.

Alexus jumped right in and helped with the fan in the bedroom.
Catching up on some recorded TV this evening.  Looks like the snow should meld again later this week.


Lots of snow when we got up this morning.  The Honda made it out no problem even though the snow was deep enough that it was dragging on the bottom.  It snowed more while we were at church but we made it back in no problem.  We did a quick change of clothes and then right back out, no problems, to head to my SILs for lunch with her, my FIL and MIL.  We had one of my favorite meals.  Both ham and toasted cheese sandwiches and Chili (made with home canned tomatoes) Delicious!

We arrived to a lovely set table, then I forgot to get a picture of the great meal.
It continued to snow and blow off and on all afternoon.  We played a game of Skip-Bo and Bonnie won.

Thats a real card shark on the right side.
I received a book and a nice card in addition to the meal for my birthday, and my MIL's Birthday is soon and she got a nice treasure box and a book also.

Peeking inside the box.
Then we tried out the Wii and Grandma (my MIL) caught on to the bowling pretty quickly.

She bowled a 155 her first game.
We also played 3 holes of golf but I think bowling is her game.  We headed home around 4:30 with a quick stop to pick up an Apple Pie at her house, another birthday present.

We had a great day and even though the roads were a bit slippery we made it home safe and sound.  I went back out and cleaned the driveway as best I could  as it got dark while I was out there.  I can clean it up better tomorrow and it looks like it will melt again latter in the week.  The garage will be a mess with melted snow but I can sweep it out tomorrow.

Nacos and cheese for supper and now watching recorded shows.

Its been a great week and good times spent with family.

Thanks for Checking In.