Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catch Up, Fix Up


Was up before 7 this morning and went to bed after midnight.  But I slept good.  Watched some TV programs we had recorded this morning and just caught up on a few things.  Then I cleaned out the inside of the car and ran down to the post office to pickup a package that they did not give me Saturday.  Bonnie slept in till after 10 as she starts her first full week at home since retiring.  She made lots of phone calls and rearranged some of the shelves on our TV unit to display some of her new things.

Then we watched some of the olympics.  I am taping it and we can watch it fast.  Bonnie worked some outside and I went through all the mail.  Then we talked about a trip in November and we have a time share week we have to use and so we booked a week over at Cape Cod for in November so we can be home for Thanksgiving.  We also decided not to go to Ohio to a rally in September.  Instead we may to to the Thousand Islands or to one of our club campouts.

We did lots of little things today so it was a good day.  My turn indicator should be delivered tomorrow and then I can work on fabricating a bracket to hold it in.  I also talked to Truck Safety Technologies today about the erratic behavior of the car sensors.  They and I think it is a weak signal so I will try an external antenna.

We got a facetime call from my Granddaughter in Alabama also and thats always nice.

Heading to bed.


Up before 8 again today and caught up on email.  Then collected the trash and took off for court.  Had to go into the Post Office in Strykersville so I picked up the parts I needed to fix the drains on the kitchen sink.  They seem to drip about every 6 months.  After a couple hours at court I headed home.

I fixed the sink and then worked a little on the coach turn indicator UPS brought the turn indicator today but it did not have the light socket that I need.

New light assembly

Big hole in the light No socket

This is the socket I need, NAPA has one

Need this lamp also
Well its raining afternoon thunderstorm.  Time also to head for WW for the tale of the scale.

Well good news at WW after the month long vacation we both have lost weight.  Then we did a little shopping at the balsamic vinegar and olive oil store, an interesting experience.  Then a good supper with Elizabeth and Alexus.

Finally home.   Need to get to bed early tonight as the Dentist called and my cleaning is now in the morning and not next week.


I made it to the dentist at 8:01 I hate to be late.  Routine cleaning and I need one filling replaced, he also did impressions but I am not sure why.

Then I went over to the logging company to look at some information that I had worked on a long time ago.  Then finally home.  Had some lunch and relaxed a bit.

Bonnie had to go to Warsaw and then planned to do grocery shopping.  I headed out to work on the MH.  I wanted to get the turn indicator back in and thought I had all the parts.

This was my on the road repair

This is the finished repair
As it turned out I am two screws short.  I know I bought them but I can not find them, so I need two 1 1/2" self drilling stainless steel screws.

I checked the mouse traps and caught another I think it is #11 under the sink again.

Then I picked up a bunch of rocks that the storms had washed into the yard.  Also some branches that had blown down.  Looks like I need to cut some grass tomorrow.

Unreal how much washes down the hill, don't want to hit them with the mower
I came in and got a shower and did a load of towels while waiting for Bonnie to get home.

Before she left today Bonnie worked on the flower bed out back it looks really good, ready for mulch.

Looking real good
Thats about it for today, I am tired and need a long nights sleep.

Thanks for Checking in.