Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here comes the heat also I got Mouse #12


The crows woke me this morning so I shut the window and got an out 45 minutes of sleep.  Its not all that hot today but it sure is humid.  Makes me sweat just thinking about doing something.

I did jump on the mower and cut the front grass.  The mower was all nice and clean when I opened the shed.  Thanks Tony, not only did he cut the grass he washed the mower.  Only took an hour to cut the front and when I came in Bonnie had lunch ready.  Then she left to go to the clinic with her sister so she could get an ekg and be cleared for a shoulder replacement on Monday morning.  All went well there so the surgery is on.  Please keep Donna in your prayers for Monday morning.

Watched some of the recorded shows today and slowly we are getting caught up.

I find myself using my cell phone camera a lot to save numbers and other information.

Time meter on Coach generator
I took a picture of the time meter on the generator and then checked my records and we ran the generator 27 hours on the trip to keep cool in the afternoons when we were traveling.

Well time to watch some of the olympics.  No mice in the traps today.


Crows again this morning but it was time to get up.  Supposed to be hot and humid so I shut all the windows, the house should stay ok all day.

I headed to court and then to the PO to get stamps for court.  While in town I picked up the stainless steel screws I needed to finish up the turn indicator on the Coach.

Before I headed out I put the rub on a pork shoulder and wrapped it to sit in the refrigerator all night.  In the morning it will go on the smoker for most of the day.

All prepped for tomorrow
I spent a couple hours at court and then headed home.  I put the screws in the light assembly and checked the mouse traps.  Yep #12 under the bathroom sink.  It was hot and humid.

Bonnie unlocked the screen in the bedroom window and I took it out and stored it in the basement.  Then carried up the AC unit and installed it in the window.

Bonnie can be cool now.
I ran it for 30 minutes and it lowed the temp 4 degrees so it looks like it is working.

Bonnie cooked all day and then invited Elizabeth and Alexus for supper.  Boy was it good I ate way to much.  Now some TV and to catch up on the Olympics.

We have been getting nightly FaceTime calls from my GD and son and really enjoy them.  We are all going to Disney in a little over a month.


Woke up this morning and got busy.  I put the smoker together and got the pork out of the refrigerator.  I had my oatmeal for breakfast and then put the pork in the smoker.

I headed for my SILs for a hair cut.  Also got to see and play with my nieces son, he used to be shy but he is a lot of fun now.  I watched him ride his bike, play with his cars and showed him how to fill his squirt gun with water.  I took the iPad along for them to look at our pictures.

Then up to court for a couple hours and finally home.  Boy is it hot to hot to do anything out side.  So watched a little TV and napped.

Finally it cooled down enough to go back out side.  Alexus cleaned the bugs off the front of my truck, she is earning money for Kingdom Bound.  We used the new love bug eraser pad I bought and it worked quite well, she did a nice job.  I also washed the rest of my truck with my daughters help.  I also checked the mouse traps, all empty today.

Now we are in for the night, the girls have gone home and it looks like the edge of a storm is going to hit us.


Up early this morning when the alarm went off.  We headed off to church after breakfast.  It good to see all our church family.  It was also great to be back in a church that knows how to sing.  In the churches we visited during our travels you could hardly hear the people sing.  Music and singing are an important part of our worship service and its great to be a part of it.

Once home I pulled the pork and we heated it up for lunch along with potato salad, and coleslaw it was so good.

It rained hard for an hour or so and I was happy to get a text from Alexus that they were still at church and had not gotten to Kingdom Bound yet so they were dry.  The sun came out later and she let me know that they were there and had the tents set up.  I hope they have a great week.

Mostly we enjoyed the cooler temps today and watched some TV.  Thats about it for this week.

Thanks for Checking in.