Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mouse in the house, first one now two


This has been the year of the mouse.  Emily must be felling better as she left a dead mouse for me this morning in the living room.  Usually she just plays with the 2 or 3 a year she catches in the basement.  I sealed more small holes in the spring but they say it only takes a 1/4 inch hole for them to get in and this was a small one.

Bill came over today and gave us an estimate on some concrete work and said it could start as early as next week.  Wow that will be nice.  Today we are going to take a meal and visit with some of our church family so Bonnie has been busy today.  She mulched some of the flower beds and then came in and cooked.

I worked with Bill then had to leave to pick up Alexus from Kingdom Bound.  She seemed excited and had a good time, but was ready to go home and sleep some.  Once home I was able to watch a little of the olympics and also got the trailer checked out so I can get it inspected on Saturday.  Just seems like there is so much to do these days.

We had a great visit with friends from church stayed till almost 10pm,  They enjoyed our pictures from the Yellowstone trip and it brought back memories of a trip they took out that way.

Once home I caught up on the olympics.


Well Emily left us another mouse this morning and I moved it out of the living room to the front yard.  Then we headed out for a long day.  First stop was August 25 a little diner for breakfast.  Eggs and toast for me and biscuits and gravy for Bonnie.  Then we headed to Colton RV to look at lots of MotorHomes.  We were just wanting to look at a variety of makes and models to see what options are out there.  Ours is almost 10 years old and we were looking to see what new innovations are out there.  We visited both locations and looked at a lot of units.  We did not fall in love with any but did find a new 2013 that is a class A and has a bath and a half and bunk beds.  It is a 2013 so we may keep our eyes open for one in a year or two.

Then we stopped in East Aurora at Aribba Tortilla for a mexican Lupper.  Bonnie's word for lunch and supper combined.  It was good and kept us full all day.  We stopped to see Elizabeth for an hour or so and then headed home.  It rained off and on today and evidently some storms rolled through near home.

When we pulled in the driveway two big branches off trees from opposite sides of the driveway had broken off.

Oh no
 We had to walk in and change clothes and load up the chain saw and get the tractor and ranger.

I cut up and trimmed the big branches

Bonnie drove the tractor and took the pieces back to the wood pile

Last load
All cleaned up just had to dump the small braces out of the Ranger
Came in and showered and watched some of the Olympics.  Its cooling down so it should be a great night to sleep.  No mice in the MH today but one of the traps was tripped.


My plan for this morning is to get my trailer inspected.  I checked it out yesterday and set it up by the garage to be ready to go this morning.

Ready for inspection
I made it to get the trailer inspected by 9:30 and it passed.  Then up to court for a couple hours and then home.  Bonnie was leaving to go help her sister who is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery.  It looked like rain so I turned on the olympics and decided to do a couple loads of wash.

Once Bonnie got home we decided to watch a movie and just relax.


We were up and out the door this morning headed for church.  Bonnie had a big crockpot of beans cooking all night and the house sure smelled good.  We had a little bit of rain but not bad.

After church we changed and headed for a family reunion.  It is being held over at Bonnie's brothers property and campground.  Here are a few pictures for the family that could not make it.  This was the 101st Williams reunion.  Not many Williams still around mostly decedents.

The Yellowstone Group

Bonnie with brothers, wives, sisters, and friends
We were home around 4 and Elizabeth stopped in to pick up her vegetable share.  We caught up on the Olympics and thats about it for today.  Closing ceremony tonight and the new week starts in the morning.

Its been a good week.  Thanks for checking in.