Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful Cool Weather, then the heat and humidity


Bonnie was up early and went to pick up her sister and take her to the hospital for a shoulder replacement.  It was a long day, all went well and Bonnie got home around 7, her sister is staying the night in the hospital.

I cut some more of the grass today and hung some hooks on the bathroom door in the coach.  No mice today.  Bonnie also had me grill some chicken at lunch time that needed cooked.

I had court today and was up there for about 4 hours.  Home now will watch the olympics and then head for bed.


Lots to do today.  Bonnie is up and has gone to the woods to pick black berries.  I am getting ready to head out.

Bonnie came in with a couple quarts of berries and I headed out to the post office, bank and court.  I ended up gone for about 4 hours.  Came home hoping to get a nap but that never happened.

We headed for WW Bonnie did good, I not so good.  Then over to Elizabeths  for dinner and the evening.  We did get to facetime with our son and family out in Alabama.  We are all getting excited about our September trip to Disney.

Home finally and time to catch up on the olympics, then off to bed.


My day started just after 1am when the phone rang.  I ended up at court for about 2 hours by the time I finished the paperwork and was back asleep by 3:30am.  I did manage to sleep until almost 9:30 when the phone rang again.  Bonnie got it quick but I was a wake.

A little later her sister called and Bonnie left for the hospital to pick her up and bring her home.  I took it easy and did eventually go out and do a little yard work but the heat and humidity did me in and I came back in the house.

I spent most of the day working on my photos, backing them up to a hard drive and taking them off my laptop as I am running short of space.

UPS brought my headlight restoration kit today so that is on my list of things to do to the coach now.

Hope this works
Emily our cat has been sick with bladder stones.  We have tried to give her special soft food for 2 weeks but she will not eat it.  She does not like cat teats either.  So today Bonnie traded in the soft canned food for dry food and she ate some of it right away.  So hope she continues.

I turned the water on this afternoon to wash my hands and no water.  Turns out that the one toilette did not shut off this morning and I did not hear it running.  It ran the well dry and our safety switch shut it off when the pressure dropped.  I just checked the well and it is full again so we are back in business I think.

Checked the coach tonight and no new mice in the traps, I hope that continues.  We have a short camping trip coming up the end of next week.

Thats about it for tonight, Thanks for Checking In.