Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time to Catch Our Breath-----Then Back to work


I had a good nights sleep and was up just after 7 this morning.  Around 7:30 Jeff and Tom pulled in and removed the forms from yesterdays pour.  They also marked the concrete for cutting.  I had some things to do so was gone most of the day.  When I came back the concrete was cut and Bonnie had the wash almost done and had baked a couple cakes.  I had picked up the parts I needed to overhaul the hydraulic cylinder on the tractor.  Its still working and seems to have stopped leaking so I will delay the repair as we need the tractor to move some stone and dirt.

The radiator is out of the coach and they are deciding what to do.

We took the food and Elizabeth cooked it so we just got home.  Time for a little reading and rest.


Not too much going on today.  I worked at court for a few hours.  Came home and had a late lunch.  Then a quick nap.

Then I went out and cut all the grass under the watchful eye of a doe and her fawn who watched me for quite a while, I stopped twice to get a picture.

only about 50 feet away but in the shadows
Once I finished cutting the grass I got on the tractor and moved a few rocks and filled in a little where the water has washed out the road.

Then in for supper and somehow I slept through most of the news.

Thats about it for today.


Not much planned for today.  Got up had my coffee and oatmeal and then headed up to court for a few hours.  On the way I picked up Elizabeth's vegetable share for her.
Once home I asked Bonnie if she wanted to go hear the Kingsmen Quartet down in Machias.  She said yes and so we plan to head down there later.

I cleaned some of the concrete dust up in the garage today but there is so much more to clean.  I also used the leaf blower to clean the slab off some and noticed that the air cleaner needs replaced.

We headed down to the concert a little early.  Friends are camping down there and were kind enough to pick up tickets for us.  We visited for a while and then headed up for the concert.  The Kingsmen are from North Carolina and we really enjoyed their singing.

The Kingsmen
Finally got home and now ready to head to bed.


Up this morning and off to church.

Watched a movie and napped this afternoon.  The girls came for supper and left for home around dark.

Sorry its been a bit boring the past couple days.  But Thanks for Checking in.