Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Its Pouring......................Concrete


Set the alarm again for this morning, this is a bad habit.  We were up early and pulled out right at 9am to head for Fleet Maintenance to have them look at the leaking radiator.

The guys should be here at 1 right after lunch and the concrete truck is due at 2.

The guys were here and Bills cousin also came as he is the concrete finisher.  The truck rolled in at 2:08 and the concrete was poured and floated 45 minutes later.  As soon as it sets up they will finish it and be gone.

Ready to pour

The pour is started lots of activity

Setting the pitch to the drains

Floating the edges

All floated 45 minutes after starting.  Just needs to set up a bit then finish with the power trowel.
Then I headed to court for the evening.  Now home and relaxing.  Lots to do tomorrow.


Up early again today and headed out to the bank and post office.  I actually got to the post office before they opened by a few minutes.  I checked the concrete before I left and it was hard so thats a good sign.  Now to give it time to cure.  I had some work to go over at court so I stopped in there for a couple hours and finished that up.

Our hot water boiler has been booming when it lights so I brought in the air compressor and vacuum to give it a good cleaning.

Our boiler
 I put it all back together and it still did it.  I called Bill S who works on these for us and asked him to put us on the schedule.  Then I took one more look and filed the top of the ignighter a little and made sure the small gas tube was not kinked.  I test it and it worked right.  Tried it 3 or 4 more times and it worked.  So now will have to wait and see if it keeps working.  Bill can't fix it if it is working.  Our boiler heats our domestic hot water also and it has been getting to hot.  So when I called Bill S back to let him know it was working I asked him to order a new thermostat for the hot water tank.

I ordered a new one of these.
The other Bill and his guys rolled in just before 1 to finish the prep for the next concrete pour.  The truck is due here about 2:30.  Its a beautiful day so all should go well.

Pins in the edge of old slab to keep it in line with the new one

Lots of dust from cutting in the expansion joints
After the joints were cut I washed down the floor and guess what all the water ran to the drains and ran out the drains, just like it was supposed to.

The first of three trucks was on right on time and the 2nd and 3rd were waiting as the one before them finished up.

First truck and all five guys swing into action

Bill manned the Bull Float to push down the stone and bring the cream to the surface

First truck is empty

Third truck is almost done

All done with a broom finish
The guys started the pour right around 2:30 and the last truck left right at 4:00pm.  The finish work was done right around 5 and the guys headed home.

Bonnie came home from taking her sister to the Dr and we have an evening to relax.

No word on the radiator repair yet.


Slept in a little today.  Bonnie was up early to take Alexus to the dentist.  They got home just as I had to leave for my annual eye exam.  Alexus has to have a tooth looked at and as always they dilated my eyes and I had trouble in the sunshine the rest of the day.

The guys were here and busy when I got home.  They took off the forms from yesterday and were forming up the pad where we park the coach.  This is the third day of pouring.  Day 1 was 6.5 yards, Day 2 was 25 yards, and today is 11.5.  Total is 42 yards.  Most of the work is done for the contractors but Bonnie and I have all the final grading and seeding to to do all around the edges of the concrete.  Plus I need to get some estimates on what blacktop will cost.

I worked a little on the camping club newsletter today.  I will look it over again tomorrow and then get it sent out.

12X50 Pad all formed up and ready

Steve cut yesterdays pours, boy is it dusty

2:27 truck one arrives and the pour begins

Almost done, ended up going 55 feet to finish the concrete on the truck

3:28 the pour is finished now to let the concrete set up

Ready to put the broom finish on

5:25 almost finished. 
The guys were gone by 6 and Bonnie and Alexus had gone to Hidden Valley to attend a Republican event.

Tomorrow the forms come off and then we just have to wait for it to cure and then seal it.

So thats about it for the beginning of this week.  Thanks for Checking in.