Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House Mouse #3, #4 and Concrete work


Emily left 2 mice for us in the basement today, I found the first and Bonnie found one later on.  Neither of us are feeling well today but mine hit later than Bonnie.  I got some things cleaned up in the garage and cut up some more of the big branch that fell.  After that I ate lunch and then started not feeling so well.  I have court tonight and tomorrow so hope it passes quickly.  Bonnie has headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for her.

I also talked to the shop today and I am taking the coach in next Monday to have them look at the radiator.

Court went fine, except for me, I have not felt good since after lunch today.  I started feeling ok just before I went to bed so hope I sleep well and feel good in the morning.


Feeling good this morning and hoping for a good day.  Got a call that my partner at court was ill so that meant I had the whole calendar to handle today.  I ended up spending about 7 hours at court.  We missed WW but did go in to Elizabeths for supper.  Alexus has been sick and turns out she has a double ear infection.  She was at the Drs today and is spending the next couple days with us.

Got an email from Bill and they are starting on the concrete work in the morning shortly after 8, I will have to set the alarm tonight.  The challenge will be keeping the MH and cars out of the way.

No mice today.


Up at 6:45 with the help of the alarm.  Read my email and now its pushing 8 when the guys are supposed to be here to start tearing out the concrete in the center of the garage.  Heading out to move the cars and hopefully remember to take some pictures.

The guys were right on time and we worked all day with a short break for lunch to remove the concrete from the center of the garage.  We took out a 14 X 30 block of concrete.  The guys used a diamond blade on a gas powered saw, and an electric jack hammer and of course sledge hammers.  I used my tractor to haul the concrete pieces away.  Here are the pictures.

First the tarps went up to try to keep things clean

Marking out the cut lines

Jeff manned the saw most of the time

Bill scored the lines with the small saw

A rare moment of watching Jeff cut most of the time all are busy

Time for the Jack Hammer

Tough getting started

Then the big pieces started to come out

Hard work but we were making good progress

Shortly after lunch all the concrete was gone, and the hole was cleaned up

Then the trench was dug for the new drains

The new drains are set and the trench is filled back in
 So the garage is ready for wire and the soonest the concrete could be ordered is 1pm Monday.  Tomorrow we start on the driveway.

The guys left and I showered and headed for a dinner with my classmates.

Good food here with good friends
We had a good time visiting and I made it home just after dark.  The days are sure getting shorter and shorter.  Time to post this and get some rest to be ready for tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.