Sunday, August 19, 2012

It must be the year of the mouse


The alarm woke me again at 6:45 and the guys pulled in the driveway just before 8 this morning.  A few minutes later Genesee lumber pulled in with supplies.

Wire mess and drain tile delivered
Bill laid out where the drain was going and Jeff dug out what he could and they finished it up by hand.

Lay out

Dig what you can with the machine

Finish up by hand 
Forms in place and regraded yard
So the garage is ready with the pour scheduled for Monday afternoon, and the driveway apron is ready jus the bottom form had to be put in once the garage is done.  Hopefully they can get concrete ordered for Tuesday, if there is much rain that could get pushed as the concrete companies get behind.  Then the parking pad will get formed and ready to go.

While the guys worked on the driveway I cut the grass.  All went well till I had just a couple passes to go when the main drive belt came loose.  In the process it took a big chunk out of the belt.  So I had to take the deck off and then lift the mower so I could work on the bottom and figure out how to get the belt off.  I called the John Deere shop and they had a belt so I went and got it.  Just over $47.00 wow hope it lasts a long long time.

Deck remove
Bottom of lawn tractor
I had to take two pulleys off and one end of the steering arm but other wise it was not too bad of a job.  The whole time I was working on the belt I kept smelling something dead.  So I checked under the hood and saw grass under the screen of the blower that cools the engine.  I pulled the engine shroud and found two mouse nests and two cooked mice.

Mice are gone just need to clean out all the remains of the nest
Then I flipped over the deck as I had hit some rope the guys had dug up earlier.

Just took a minute to cut this away from the spindle
I reassembled the mower and hung the deck, checked it all out and then finished cutting the grass.  Wos I am beat.

I plugged the coach back in and started the engine and let the air come up, we should be ready to roll in the morning.

Supper was Sahlen hot dogs on the grill.  Now I think I can relax a little.


Bonnie woke me up at 3:30am, no water to flush the toilet, I guess the toilette stuck again.  I restarted the pump and went back to sleep.  Woke to rain this morning but rolled over and went back to sleep.

Bonnie is baking and making cole slaw for the campout.  I packed my clothes and will start to load the coach in a few minutes.
Tubs ready to get taken to the coach
So I was able to get the motorhome loaded up and ready to go.  I pulled out of the driveway right at noon and was pulling into the East Aurora Fireman Fields about 20 minutes later.  Bob and John were already there and I picked out a site and pulled in close to Bob and Caroline.  Bonnie and Alexus pulled in just as I finished setting up.  John got bit by a couple bees or yellow jackets as he sprayed the nests they had build in the electric boxes.  He did not seem to have any allergic reaction so that was good.

Most have arrived
We spent the afternoon catching up with everyone’s travels and just enjoyed hearing all the stories.  Snacks appeared out of several coaches and we all brought our own drinks. 

Start of Happy Hour

Around 5:30 we all headed to Walliwiens for dinner, most had fishfrys but everyone was able to have what they wanted.  I discovered that I did not have my wallet I am hoping that I left it at home.

Most of the group

The rest of us
My fish was GOOD!
I worked on my strongback chair when I got back and ended up dropping one of the nuts in the grass.  Alexus and Elizabeth helped me look for it and Bob R brought over a couple magnetic screwdrivers to help.  After a few minutes Elizabeth spotted the nut and I got the chair fixed and put back together, all is well.

I showed our pictures to all interested using the iPad and then headed to the coach.  I am watching a little of the Bills game but its not that exciting so I am heading to bed.


We had a great pancake and sausage breakfast and afterwards some stayed around to gab and others went looking for garage sales.

The cooks are busy
Bonnie and I left just after noontime to go to her brothers and our nieces birthday party out at the family campground on the farm.  We had a nice time and got to visit again with lots of family.

Then we headed to pick up the vegetable share that Elizabeth and Bonnie share plus Bonnie picked up a half bushel of peaches.  Then we went home where I found my wallet safely in the pocket of another pair of jeans.  I answered a phone message and then we were on the move again.

Next stop was Elizabeths to drop off the vegetables and to pickup some candles that club members had ordered from Alexus as part of her fund raising for Kingdom Bound.

Then back to camp where all the goodies for Happy Hour had just been spread out.  Everyone tries not to eat too much but we all do and then its on to supper.

Lots of good food for supper
And lots of desserts
Supper and the desserts were great.  I was pretty beat and went to the coach for a shower and a little reading before hitting the hay.


It was a nice cool night to sleep again.  We got up to an nice continental style breakfast, cold juice and hot coffee.
Waiting for breakfast
Afterward we cleaned up and then went outside to visit for awhile.  Bonnie went over to church with Elizabeth and all but one couple decided to stay and have lunch before we all packed up and left.  Bonnie came back for lunch and then we chatted till almost 3pm.  We broke camp and dumped the tanks.  Bonnie headed to her sisters and I headed home.

Once home I unloaded the coach and got it ready to go to the shop tomorrow.  Bonnie is home and we are going to relax the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we take the coach and the concrete gets poured in the garage in the afternoon.

Thanks for checking in.