Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Busy Week


Ahhh Monday Monday so good to me.  Well it was raining this morning but in the 40's outside.  While I was able to take it easy, Bonnie was off to West Falls to get several shots that she needs to have for her trip to Africa.  She was scheduled to go just after the first of the year but it looks like it may be the middle of February now.

Once she got home it was almost time for me to leave.  We had a little time together and then I headed up to court for the evening.  It turned into a long night as we ended up waiting for one man to come from near Albany and another Lady to come from over near Niagara Falls.  They were late and we were done but they were making an effort to come and clear up their issues so we waited and everyone was happy.  Tomorrow I have another session so will be up there all afternoon.  It was snowing quite hard when I left to come home about 1/2 inch on the car.  So our new drains in the garage will get their first test.

Going to call it a night read a little then hit the hay.


Black Ice warning this morning.  Last nights snow has melted but there is a light snow falling that has begun to cover the grass.  The snow lingered most of the day but did not add up to much.

I spent the afternoon at court and got home to late to go to WW.  Bonnie had made one of my favorites, meatloaf for supper.  The girls were here and brought some Christmas cookies they had made last weekend.  I tried to help Alexus with her home work but could not figure it out.  Geometry was not one of my better subjects and she did not have a textbook just a homework sheet.  We watched a little TV and now its time to read a little and get a good nights sleep.


Woke up to it snowing again this morning.  Interesting the blacktop driveway is all white but the grass is still green.  Usually its the other way around.  Forty five minutes later and the sun is out and it quit snowing.  I have to run around this morning so thats good.  The tire pressure light came on in the CR-V last night have to check the air in the tires this morning.  I think it is just the change in temperature.

Checked all the tires on both cars and the Odyssey needed about 3 pounds in all the tires also.  The yellow light went out when I drove the CR-V so all is good.  I headed to the bank and Post Office with a stop at court to finish up some paperwork.  Back home in time for lunch and a very brief nap.

Now we are headed for a Honda Owners Clinic at Ray Laks Honda then hopefully home before too late.  We had a good time at the clinic and I won two prizes and they gave us all a travel cup and pen.

Won a nice travel blanket and a gift card.
We had to stop at the town building for me to sign some papers and then home to watch a little TV.  The boiler lit one time with a big boom so I went down and cleaned the pilot tube and noticed that the ignition cable was cracked.  It seems to be working right now but I did order a new cable.  Sears had it for $62 and an eBay plumbing and heating store had it for $28, it should be here Monday.  So hope it works well until then.  Going to watch Survivor that we recorded earlier and then off to bed.

Thanks for Checking In.