Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dinner with Rick


I had to do a little court paperwork this morning and then take it to Warsaw.  Bonnie went to Warsaw with me and we were able to pick up a few things.  I stopped at Tractor Supply to see if I could find the right kind of bolts to use as shear bolts in my tractor snow blower.  I believe they are grade 5 bolts.

I need the one on the right, is it a Grade 5
Now we are headed to a customer appreciation dinner at Salvatore's in near the airport.  Lots of running around today but did seem to get much done.

We made it in to dinner a little early and got to visit some before the meal.  The food was really good and the presentations were good also.  We had hoped to stop and see some of the meteor show tonight, but the clouds have moved in and so we did not see any.  Well the news is over and I am heading to bed.


Was up this morning and got a phone call that the middle brake light for the new Coach was in and that if I could pull the deadbolt lock and send it over to Colton they would get a key made for it.  So I headed out to Gainsville and found that the lock came out easily.

just two screws to remove

Just need a couple keys now
On the way home I checked out the new building at the Fire Training Center.  It is new from when I worked up there with the county.  It lets them store a lot of the Emergency Services equipment in the dry year round.

Very nice job on getting this built

The burn building is still looking great

All the antennas and dishes look like they are in good shape
This is the tower we put lots of equipment on when we rebuilt the counties radio systems.

As I headed home I started to get news reports of the shooting at the school in Connecticut.  By the time you read this it will have been a couple days.  Please continue to keep the family and friends of all involved in your prayers.

Elizabeth and Bonnie plan to help clean and paint some at the house make over our church is doing so I will stay with Alexus tonight.

On their way to paint and clean
Hopefully tomorrow will be move in day for Norm.

So there I was sitting in the recliner enjoying the evening with Alexus when the phone rang.  Two of my favorite dispatchers asking me if I wanted to go to work.  But I had to turn them down.

Finally home we brought Alexus with us so she can decorate cookies tomorrow and go to the camping club party with us.  Time for bed now.


Wow another sunny morning in December.  Its so great to see the sun, we usually are pretty overcast this time of the year.  Bonnie and Alexus plan to decorate cookies today and Bonnie is making some dessert to take to the party tonight.  I will head up to court to stay out of the way and to do some paperwork.

The girls finished up the cookies and after a couple hours to relax we all got ready and headed to the Holiday Ramblers Christmas Party.  It takes us about an hour to get there and it is always great to get together with our camping friends and share what we have all been up to.  The food and fellowship were great and we had a gift exchange which is always fun.

Time to Eat

Yea! A BBQ cover

A Pair of Big Brass Bells

Future Trip Planning
Got home and relaxed a little and now its almost midnight.  Heading to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.


We headed to church this morning and it was another great service.  After the service I met with some of the technical people and it looks like I will be joining them after the first of the year to help with the audio and visual team.  We headed home and the afternoon flew by we watched a couple Christmas movies.

Then we headed to Attica to attend the Children's Christmas program.  I believe almost every child in the church was involved.  It was very well done and the kids all did a great job.  It was good to visit with everyone.

The Wise men at the Manger.
Finally home and time to get this posted.