Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is it Spring Already


What a beautiful day again.  Nice and dry and sunny this afternoon.  Today's project was to get the new Coach into storage.  When you own a motorhome there is always something to do to it.  Today I put the battery filling system on the coach batteries.

All the Yellow caps are connected together so you only have to pump water in at one spot.
They I put the slides out to make sure the slide toppers were dry for storage.  Thats when I noticed that the carpet was wet.  I did not know until we put the slide out at Copeland's Storage how wet it was.  Doug came to my rescue and he sucked two buckets of water out of the carpet and put fans on it to dry it out.  Thanks Doug.  I had headed home via Warsaw and then up to court.

You can see the wet plywood and carpet near the wall.
Hopefully it was just the way it was parked but it seems a lot of water made its way into the coach.  We will get it checked out.  I also noticed when I was showing Doug the engine that a couple fittings were leaking on top of the engine coolant tank.

Slow leaks
Well I can take care of these in the spring also.

Slow night at court.  Now I am home and hope to relax a little.  Tomorrow I can prepare for the snow.


Today is to be a nice day most of the day with temps in the low 60's.  It will be a good day to put the blower on the tractor.  But first I have court work to do.  So I headed to the post office, stamps are going up a penny in January.  Then over to the bank and then up to court do catch up on paper work.

I headed home around 1pm, boy it is looking dark out but the radar is not showing any rain close by.  I had a quick bite to eat and then headed out to the garage.  I got the John Deere 4200 tractor out and took the loader off at the far end of the RV parking pad.  I like to store it there in case I ever need it in the winter time I can get at it.  As I did this it started to rain.  I am sure thankful that I have a garage to work in and that it was warm today.  With the loader off it is easy to get at the engine and battery.

Side panel removed to get at the oil filter
 I changed the oil and filter.  While that was draining I removed the brush guard up front and checked and cleaned the battery.

Brush guard had to come off to mount the snow blower.
Once the oil was refilled and checked I put the blower on and lubed it up so it should be ready to go when the snow comes.

All hooked up and ready to go
It poured all afternoon and by the time I got the tractor turned around and the Ranger back in the garage I was soaked and had 10 minutes until we needed to leave for East Aurora.  I grabbed a quick shower and we made it to WW in time and I lost a little this week.  Then supper with the girls and finally home.

Doug called and the coach carpet is all dried out and it is now parked in the building out of the weather for the winter.  I spent the working on a chart of all the filters the new coach uses and finding good cross reference numbers.  Later in the winter I will order a set of fuel and oil filters.  I like to carry a set of filters in case we get a load of bad fuel on the road.  An oil change on this engine is about 7 gallons of oil.  Well time to read a little and then get some shut-eye.


Must have really needed some rest, I did not get up until 9:00am this morning.  Yesterday it was 62 and today 32.  It was still pretty dark out as it is very overcast.  Nothing on my calendar for today so I am hoping not to have anything come up.  Well now it is snowing not hard but enough to coat the garage roof.  Well I had to leave the house to go out and get the mail, we got the title for the Odyssey, I had forgotten about it.  Bonnie is working in the basement sorting out unused Christmas decorations to sell.

Well I did take it easy all day.  My foot has been really sore since Saturday when I was on my feet a good part of the day.  It felt much better yesterday until I worked on the tractor all day standing on the concrete floor in the garage.  So I am trying to take it easy and let it heal.

We had a nice long visit with Mark tonight a friend from here in town.  He sold his generator to a family member from New Jersey who was without power after the last storm and he bought the one I had and never used since we put in a whole house generator.  So he dropped off the check and we had a nice visit.  Then we watched a couple shows and now are hoping to get some reading done and off to bed early.  Then snow did not stay long but we may get more later in the week.

Thanks for Checking In.