Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Storm Warning


No rain again overnight but a Winter Storm Watch was issued last night and this morning was upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning.  As the day went on it got darker and windy.  Bonnie and Elizabeth decided to do their shopping today instead of tomorrow as planned.  The bad weather is really supposed to start tomorrow.

Bonnie went out and took down a light tree that had broken.  I went out and finished up packing the tree into a box.  Then I tried to sweep up the driveway and walked out and brought in the mail.  The piece of siding on the garage was loose again so I nailed it again.

The wind has continued to intensify and it has warmed up to 38 with more rain.  This they say will change to snow tomorrow.  Bonnie and the girls made it home from shopping and now they will not have to go out tomorrow.

Time to read a little and get some sleep.


One again the world did not end, no surprise for most of us, see Matthew 24:36 or Mark 13:32.

Woke up this morning to white grass and a gentle snow falling as well as the temperature, down from 34 to 30 in the last hour.  Well the snow melted off the grass but it has been snowing lightly all day.  I went up to work at court for a couple hours and it snowed the whole time I was up there but very little stayed on the car.  Home for a couple hours and the NWS just issued a wind advisory starting at 10pm.

Well its 11:30pm and we have a little over 3 inches of snow so far.  The wind is starting to howl again and the weatherman says we could end up with 6 or more inches of wind driven snow my morning.  Looks like I will get to see how the snow blower works on the new driveway in the morning.

We enjoyed the party this afternoon but I had to leave early as I got a call and had to go to court.  That did not take long.  The roads were snow covered and slippery when we came home and it was good to get pulled into the garage and be home safely.  Thats about it for tonight.


Looks like it snowed all night and boy was it windy.  There is about 6 inches on the back deck and only a little on the garage roof.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then I decided to head out and clean up the driveway.

 It was still snowing a little and you can see the snow is still blowing off the roof.  It is not real cold and the snow was a bit wet and plugged up the chute a few times.  At one point I had to walk back up to
the garage and and get something to dig the snow out of the chute.

Almost done
So it took a little longer than I had hoped but it does clean up nice.  A little bit of sunshine and it will be nice and dry.  Finishing that I headed up to court to finish up some paperwork.  The 20A is in good shape just wet.  Route 77 runs North and South and is a mess lots of snow and some drifts.  But I made it there and back home in good shape.  Still need to clear off the back deck but it can wait a little while until I get a short nap.

Just before dark I did make it outside to clean off the back deck.  The small blower ran good and had plenty of power but then took off and really revved up to a high speed and did not stop when I turned the key off, I finally choked it out.  I let it cool some and then restarted it and all worked well.  I believe it acted just like a diesel engine and ran without the spark plug.  Probably some carbon built up in the engine.

We were sitting here watching TV and I was chatting on the computer with my sister when the smoke detector went off.  Turned out to be a smokey candle in the one bathroom.  That was our excitement for the day.  Time to read a little before bed.


About 2 inches of snow overnight, just enough to have to go out and clean the driveway before church.  It only took about 45 minutes this morning, I even had time to do a little shoveling.  Came in and changed now off to church.

Today in church was a review of the Storm Norm House Project and Norm was able to be here and personally thank all that had a hand in the project.  It was a very nice service.  After church we went in to town to shop at Tops for a few things the girls needed.  Then over to Mighty Taco for lunch.

By the time we got home the sun had done a nice job on the driveway.

I think I am going to like the new blacktop.
Time to tune in and see how the Bills are doing in Miami.  Well the outcome was not what we wanted, maybe they can beat the Jets at home next week.

No more snow today so I went out and shoveled off the rear deck.  It was only a couple inches from last night and it is good exercise if done in moderation.  Bonnie made left overs and hot dogs for supper so my belly is full and I think I may nap in the chair a little so I will go ahead and post this.

Thanks for Checking In and Merry Christmas!!