Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas


No snow overnight thats good.  Bonnie slept in and then got up and loaded up the car to head for Elizabeths to get ready for the family gathering tonight.

Table and Chairs loaded

Lots of homemade goodies
Just getting ready to head into the Gathering and the NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch for a foot of snow on Wednesday starting in the afternoon.  Says they are pretty sure it is going to happen.

Well the family get together went well.  Elizabeths house looked very nice and we had a good turn out.

I think Young and old had a good time and it was nice to visit with everyone.  We all have had a great year and received many blessings.  It started to snow during the evening and by the time we left there was an inch or so on the ground and the plows were out on the roads.  Off to bed now as we have an early morning planned.


The alarm went off this morning at 5am.  We were out the door shortly after 6am.  We picked up the girls and headed downtown to Buffalo City Mission.

Name of the event

Greeters at the door

Alexus spotted a lady with the same nail polish

We handed out maps and routes and directed folks to orientation
We were part of the team that helped to get more than 2865 meals delivered to those in need.  Our team greeted and checked in all the volunteers.  We had kitchen workers, greeters, singers, and the meal delivery teams.  There were 135 teams that signed up to deliver all those meals.  A few called in sick but just the right number of extra people showed up at the right time and asked if we needed any extra help to deliver meals.  It all worked out perfect and we were home by noon.

Once home Elizabeth cooked brunch and then we opened our presents closely followed by a nap for me.  Then a couple Christmas movies and now its time for dinner.  Turkey and at Alexus's request meatloaf.  The NWS has upgraded the Watch to a Warning with up to 16 inches of snow, starting around 2PM tomorrow.

The cat enjoyed a nice nap kind of on my lap
We took it easy all day and got home before 8.  Alexus is sick with a bad cold so is here with us so she is not home alone tomorrow.

I got a new wool hat

Thats about it for today we are all beat.


Up after a good nights sleep.  We had a really nice day yesterday and starting it off by helping at Buffalo City Mission was a perfect start.  If your willing to give a few hours to help others give the volunteer office a call and see what you can do to help.

Off to visit the bank and post office.  Back home in just over 2 hours.  Then ran down and picked up 6 gals of diesel for the tractor.  Then home to call the health insurance company over a claim we had back in November while on vacation.  They want the Dr's tax id number he did not want to give it.  They have his license number and agreed to take his National Provider number, so I re faxed the entire claim again and hopefully that will work.

Just after 3 now, the wind has been blowing out of the North East and now it has started to snow at a good rate.

Around 9 I went out and blew about 8 inches of snow off the back deck.  Then decided to open up the driveway.  I was out there about an hour and a half.  Lots of snow out there glad I at least got that moved.  The highway is barely open one truck got to spinning and stopped at the end of my driveway.  It must have snowed another 2 inches while I was out there, I finally quit as I was soaked and cold.  Time to get some rest and warm up.

I will report on the rest of the storm tomorrow its Wednesday night and time to post this.

Thanks for checking in.