Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back to Winter!


Woke up to 24 degrees this morning.  Not much on the agenda again for today.  We took it easy this morning and then I went out and put the rest of the driveway marker stakes in for the winter.
Bonnies sister came over and they loaded up a bunch of Christmas stuff to go to her consignment store.
We watched a little recorded TV and called it a day.  Sorry but some days don't really have much to write about.


Today is Pearl Harbor Day I hope you were able to take some time to remember what happened that day and all those that gave their lives that day for us.

Had a pretty easy morning and left for Warsaw just as it started to rain.  First stop was to have been at the VA services but I called them and my paperwork was not ready yet.  Then I stopped in at Emergency Services and got to visit with my former co-workers for a few minutes and to say hello to the folks that were in the 911 center.  Then off to lunch with a friend and we were able to chat for an hour or so.

Then I headed back home and got a little cat nap.  Then we headed to pick up the girls and on to the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg.  Ron a friend had invited us to come to their Christmas program called "One Night" A modern Day Christmas Story.

It was quite the production.  Multi Media and very well done.  The church building is a very modern building and was a beautiful setting for the story.  After some hot chocolate and cookies we headed home.  Tomorrow is coming pretty quickly.


Its almost midnight and I just got home and sat down.  Another not exciting day.  I worked up at court several hours and then we went to the Family Life Dinner Theater at Michael's in Hamburg, which we really enjoyed.  The meal was excellent and ththe e play was even better. So another long day and time to head to bed.

The girls had a good time


Woke up this morning and the deer were grazing in the front yard again.  It's very overcast not good at all for getting a good picture.

We headed for church stopping to pick up the girls.  Today was the children's Christmas program.  The church was packed and the kids did a really great job.  We had a few audio issues in the beginning but they did not let it bother them.

Packed Church today
After church we came home and after lunch took it easy.  Bonnie did get busy in the kitchen and made a big batch of carmel corn for Christmas Eve.  She did give me a good sized sample.  We watched a couple Christmas movies on the Family Channel and now I am watching the finale of the Amazing Race while Bonnie reads.  Its been a busy week but not a lot to write about.  It is raining and quite hard at times.  At least it is not snow.

Well thats it for this week, Thanks for Checking In.