Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still No Snow!


Not that I am Complaining, its been nice not to deal with the snow.  It did rain overnight but then was nice most of the day.

We did have some stress over the weekend.  Bonnie's tickets to Africa were booked and reserved but then the airline would not process her credit card.  I called and they said it had to do with one of the countries they were flying into.  Now the airline flies there put would not process the payment.  At one point they asked if we could go to Los Angeles to pick up the tickets.  Well to make a long 2 days short.  The folks that are heading up the trip let the reservation expire and then used Expedia to book the exact same flights and our credit card went right through.  So all four are now booked and ready to fly on February 8th.  They will return on March 20th.  We still need to work out the details of how they are getting to JFK airport but it saved $1000 a piece to fly out of there.  They may just rent a van and drive down and turn it in.  They each will have 2 big bags to check plus carry on.

We had an easy day and Bonnie made fudge and packed a box of presents to send.  I made the trip to the post office and sent them  Then I got a short nap for about 45 minutes.  Then up to court for a relatively short night.  Watching the Grinch that stole Christmas now.  The rains have returned and it was rain pretty hard and steady when I came home.


Rained most of the night it seems and all morning.  I did my post office and bank run and was back home by 12:30pm.  Also dropped the trash off out by the road.  Bonnie spotted at least 4 pair of Cardinals in her Quince tree near the back deck all at once.  I tried to get a picture but they took off.  Hoping to get a short nap before we take off for WW.

Got my nap and we headed for East Aurora, not a good night at WW, but we attended several parties last week always with lots to munch on.  Made a brief stop at my daughters and then picked up a pizza and headed home after filling up with gas for $2.69 a gallon.  Lowest it has been here for a long time.

It was a mixture of rain and snow on the way home and the State trucks were out spreading salt.  I think it was a waste as it was still 39 degrees out and the rain will wash the salt off the highway.  Hopefully if the temperature falls below freezing tonight it will do some good.  Well enough for today I am headed off to bed to read a little before sleep overtakes me.


This is the first day in over a week that we have nothing outside the house on our agenda, a day to rest up.  No rain since midnight but it looks like starting tomorrow the weather will be rain or snow for a few days.  No sun yet today just our winter overcast sky.

Well it stayed dry all day but Bonnie made plans to go in and have supper with Alexus.  Elizabeth is working late at the Mission on the gifts they will be giving to about 200 men for Christmas.  Bonnie did a pork roast and veggies and be headed in there about 4:30.  We had a good evening and helped her with her home work.  Elizabeth got home just after 8 and we headed home a short while after that.

The NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch already for Friday morning.  Looks like we are on the edge so if it does not move North we should we ok.  But they are calling for lots of wind so it could be bad Friday night.

Well thats about it for the first part of the week.  Thanks for Checking In.