Sunday, December 30, 2012



Well looks like we got about another 8 inches of snow since last night.  Yesterdays snow has settled some and all the snow has been dry and lighter than the snow we had earlier in the week.  The snowblowers have all worked well and I have moved a lot of snow.  Bonnie came out and helped today by shoveling off the porch and pavers.  Here are a few shots of the snow.  They do not really capture how much we had.  I think this might be about the most we have gotten in that short amount of time that I can remember.

Lots of snow under and on the porch

Snow piling up on the garage roof

Over 500 feet of driveway to clear

The mailbox is cleaned out and the trash is set out

On more pass to make on the driveway

Almost done after 2 hours
I sure am glad I cleaned the driveway last night.  It still took 2 hours with Bonnie helping to clean the driveway and walkways.  I think we got about 16 inches of snow all together.  Looks like another inch or so since I came back in, but it has stopped for now.


Not much to report on today.  We took it easy all day.  I did shovel about an inch of snow off the back deck and clear off the garage apron and made a pass out and back with the big blower on the driveway.   No new snow today but there was a fog like mist in the air today.  We took Alexus home, she is pretty much over her cold.  The trees are covered with white ice from the mist and are beautiful.  Elizabeth made two kinds of turkey pot pie for dinner and they were really good and each had its own unique taste.  We did play a couple games with them the first I am not sure of the name the second was Apples to Apples, both were fun.

Each day now when I go down to the garage it is so nice to see that the snow has melted off the cars or the tractor and the water is gone down the drains.  No more of the daily squeegee and sweeping routine that I had to do for the last 11 years.  Bill and the rest of the Beck Builder's guys did a great job replacing the concrete floor and it works as designed, Thanks guys.


Its snowing pretty good here early this morning they are calling for 5-6 inches time will tell.  We lost our water pressure again last night when the water system recycled.  This has happened several times now, I think maybe the air bladder in the pressure tank has failed again.  Well I checked it and no water came out the valve so it should be ok.  Wonder what else it could be.

I headed up to court with it still snowing, and the roads were very slippery.  The traction control kicked in several times going up the road.  It snowed the whole time I was up there but it seemed to be winding down some by the time I headed home.

Took this on the way to court
Snow has just about quit and I am heading out to clean the driveway before it is dark.  Took me about 2 hours and it was dark when I finished but the driveway and pavers are cleared.  Tired me out and I dozed in the recliner most of the evening after Bonnie made supper.  Time to move on into the bed now.


Woke up to some sun this morning.  This is good because we do not see the sun much in the winter around here. It had snowed an inch or so during the night so after church I ended up going out for almost 2 hours to clean the driveway and pavers again.  Then in for some lunch and a pretty good nap in the recliner.  Bonnie read the paper and watch the Hallmark Channel most of the day.

After my nap I changed clothes and went out and cleared off the back deck.  Seems moving snow is about all I have to write about these days.  Then we had some of the leftover Turkey pot pie for supper before we watched a little TV.

Well tomorrow is the last day of the year so this should be my last post of 2012.  I just checked and my blogs have been viewed 16984 times this year, wow.

Thats it for this year, Thanks For Checking In.