Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chill Town


What a change, its below 30 this morning.  Was just finishing my first cup of coffee when the phone rang today.  It was Elizabeth, the landlord was sending someone to fix her faucet this morning, could I go to her house and let them in.  Sure, I had no plans and just took my computer to work on a budget project.  We have lived on a budget for 30 or more years.  We are so used to it I have not revised it for several years.  With us both being retired now its time to take a close look at it.

I headed in around 10:30am and the guys showed up within 30 minutes.  They took out the broken contractor grade faucet and put in a nice Moen.  Took them about 30 minutes and I was on my way home.

I friend I used to ride my 4-Wheeler with died on Saturday, he was 83.  His viewing was today and we got dressed and headed over to the funeral home in Arcade.  We picked up Bonnie's sister on the way and paid our last respects and visited with the family.

Back home Bonnie made pancakes for supper, topped with real Maple syrup her brother made himself last March.  Then watched a little TV and read a little.


Another cold morning but I had my coffee and oatmeal in peace.  Lots of things to do today just getting started is the problem.

Bonnie got up and worked on changing out a dresser in her room.  I got the annual maintenance fee ready to mail to the time share in Grand Cayman.  Then I called our court clerk and she said there was no new paperwork for me to work on so I canceled my planned trip to court.  Bonnie and I made plans to leave the house at 3pm.

We left right at 3pm and headed first to the post office in Wales Center.  I needed to mail the letter to the timeshare and Bonnie was returning an unwanted book.  I also picked up a roll of forever stamps since the cost is going up the 27th of this month.  The phone rang and my GD wanted to know if we were still taking her to Best Buy.  So we turned around to pick her up.  Then back on the road to Colton RV to pick up my door lock and the keys they had made for our coach.  GD called her father in Virginia and he said he would go to Best Buy there and pay for a PlayStation 3 that we could pick up here.  Thus began the ordeal.  We were in the store shortly after 5 and finally left with the game around 7pm.  The electronic transaction was still not completed but they gave us a hand written receipt and we left.

The happy one is getting the game.

Long wait I hope it was worth it
We were starved and used a smoothie to try to help the hunger pains.  Once the game was in hand we headed to Elma to drop Bonnie off at church for a meeting that started at 7:00pm we got there at 7:38pm.  GD and I headed home and she made me a chicken finger wrap.  She took out the trash and then unwrapped the game and hooked it up.  She seems to really like it and has been playing it since.

9:30pm still waiting for the girls to come home.  Then home and a little TV and reading.


So I stayed up last night till after 1am to finish my book "Held for Ransom" a good book about the FBI and kidnapping, brought back lots of memories.  Then just before 8am this morning I woke up, it was still pretty dark, so I rolled over and slept until 9:20.  Bonnie got up about an hour later.

We made plans to take the supplies she can not use back to the hospital, then go to Gainesville to visit a friend and while there I can put the lock back into the Coach.

Just got a text with this picture or one of our Alabama GDs at tumbling class.

Love the smile
Well we got it all done.  Supplies back to the hospital, lock reinstalled into coach.  Plus we had a nice visit with some friends, we got home just before dark and just in time to answer phone calls.  Weatherman says it is going to snow tonight so will have to see what that brings.  Time now to relax maybe a short nap after supper.  Thats about it for today so I will get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.