Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Thaw Continues


The thaw continued this morning and it was nice and sunny most of the day.  We had a pretty leisurely morning and took it easy.  One of the podcasts I listen to had some nice comments on an email I had sent them.  John and Kathy of Living the RV Dream.

I did run down into town to get gas for the snowblowers and filled up the CR-V also.  Then picked up the mail out at the road.  I swept out the garage before putting the car away and called it a day.

Elizabeth called and invited us to supper.  I have been reading Greg Whites blog and he is always talking about or having Chicken Tortilla Soup.  I have been sending her recipes and today she picked one and made it for supper.  Bonnie baked some fresh cornbread and we had a nice meal together.  After we watched the Wheel and Jeopardy we headed home.  A few more days and most of the snow will be gone.


Raining this morning but it was still warm and above freezing and thats good.  Bonnie had already left to go and watch while they put in a new wood stove for Elizabeth.  I had breakfast and then headed to court.  My plan was to work up there for a while and then go relieve Bonnie.  But she called before I was finished and said they were done, she was on the way home.  I had about another hour of work and then headed home.

I found these in the mailbox as I pulled into the driveway.

Let the Planning begin

More planning tools
Yep we are continuing to plan for some traveling.  Right now Michigan is penciled in for September maybe with some friends.  We also have Florida penciled in for November.  I also learned that I could get the top book on my iPad for free using an app called Zinio.

Bonnie had made me a nice lunch but it had cooled off so I heated it up and enjoyed it.  She was peeling apples to make apple sauce, which she cooked before she left for some shopping and a meeting in Warsaw.  After the sauce cooled down I put it in ziplock containers and washed up the pans and lunch dishes.  Its still raining but not very hard.

Still 40 degrees at 7pm and its January 11th, Buffalo is not so bad after all.  I hope I feel that way in the middle of February.  My sister is having more trouble with her knee and got her MRI results today and it does not sound very promising.  You may remember she had surgery last year but her knee continues to give her problems and pain.  It gave out on her last week and she fell and injured it.  Now she will see the Dr next week.  Join us as we pray that all will be repairable and that she can be pain free again.

More good news.  My son and his wife have been trying to sell their house for a long time and after tense negotiations yesterday finally have a signed contract.  Now they need to find a new house by April 1st.

Well guess I will look at the Michigan Book and see what they have to offer.


Almost 50 this morning and a little rain.  Then it cleared off and got up into the 50's.  The snow is continuing to melt and the grass is starting to show through the snow in the yard.

A little snow is showing through a little
 I headed up to court and Bonnie spent the morning cleaning the bathrooms.  Then the girls came over to get some wood for the new stove.  We all helped and it did not take long to fill the trunk.  The Alexus had a little time for a few rides down the hill.

Time for a little fun after loading the wood
Bonnie made some nice salads for supper.  Then the girls headed home and we watched a little TV.
I even happened to see the last few minutes of the Miss America show just as Miss New York Won!

Well the news is over so I am headed to read and get some sleep.  We start a church wide study on what the Bible has to say about Heaven!


It was in the 40's again when we got up this morning but little did we know it would get up to 65, yep 65.  We headed in to pick up the girls for church.  The pastors sermon on Heaven (which is mentioned 651 times in the bible) was good.  Then we had some type of Thai soup for lunch at Elizabeth's it was good.  Alexus made brownie cookies for dessert.

Brownie cookies were good
 Then the girls headed for a Woman's group meeting and I headed for home.  Just as I pulled out Alexus decided to come with me.  We had a good afternoon together.  We watched Seattle come pack from way down and take the lead only to lose the game in the final seconds, bummer.  The we watched some National Geographic shows on How the States got their shapes.  We also mixed up some cake mixes to make 3-2-1 cake.  Google it if you want to know how its made, pretty simple.  Nice snack and only 3 points at WW.

I snapped this picture just before dark, almost all the snow is gone but it is to turn cold again tomorrow.

Big difference since yesterday
 Well I am going to watch the rest of the Houston/New England game then maybe a movie.

Hope you all have a good week and Thanks for Checking In.

This just in, Elizabeth called and the hot water handle in her kitchen blew off, looks like it corroded thru.  They got the under-sink valve turned off.

Oh no hope the landlord fixes it soon.