Sunday, January 6, 2013



Looks like another 1/2 of snow overnight.  Stayed overcast most of the day.  I did go out late in the morning and shovel off the pavers.  But with just an inch of snow on the driveway not worth clearing the driveway.  Bonnie worked on some picture albums in the basement.  We thought we were going downtown to the City Mission today for a graduation ceremony but when I checked on the time we found out its next week and I have another commitment.

I worked some in the afternoon organizing to get ready for taxes.  Also ordered TurboTax using our Amazon Prime 2nd day delivery free.  Got word a little while ago it would be delivered tomorrow.  Its in Tennessee now so lets see if FedEx gets it here tomorrow.

We had some snow come through just after dark tonight and looks like we have a couple inches on the deck now, guess I will be clearing the driveway tomorrow.  Spent the evening watching a little TV and now its time to get a little reading in.


So it was a windy night but does not look like it snowed much.  We both had to go out today so about 10:30 I went out for an hour and cleared the driveway.  It took about an hour, Bonnie left as soon as I finished.  I jumped in the shower and while I was in there the FedEx truck dropped off the 2012 version of TurboTax.

I headed up to court for a few hours and started boxing up my records from last year and taking care of a little bit of paperwork.  Wow was the wind blowing and there were several whiteouts on Route 77 as I was driving up there.  On the way home I took the Maxon Road route and it was much better.  Our Sheldon Highway crew does an excellent job at keeping the roads plowed, they were busy today keeping the drifts plowed back.

We watched a little TV this evening and had a big salad for supper.  The wind is really howling so I know the driving must be bad with the blowing snow.  Guess I will call it a night and read a little before bed.


I was up early this morning and headed to our Church Crossroads Christian Church for the mens breakfast.  It was a good time of fellowship with other guys and the food was very tasty and plentiful.
From there I headed up to court and finally got home just before 2:00pm.  No snow today and warm enough that a little of the snow melted on the roads and driveway.

Relaxed most of the afternoon and then the girls showed up at dinner time with homemade Turkey noodle soup, it was very good.  Then Bonnie made a batch of biscuits and we used with for strawberries for dessert that was very good.  After dinner we watched a movie Pitch Perfect and it was pretty funny and good.


Light snow this morning when we got up and right around 32.  We headed off to pick up the girls and headed to church.  The sermon was on Friendship and the Salt Covenant.  One of the most meaningful sermons and services I have ever participated in.  We were each given a small bag of salt that the Pastor and his wife had filled the night before.  During the service we each emptied our bags into a bowl and then all the salt was combined in one bowl and mixed together.  Then at the conclusion we all filled our bags with this salt.  So we are each carrying each others salts.  The point being that we are all here to be friends to each other and to bear each others burdens and share each others joys.

After we dropped off the girls we headed over to Bonnie's sisters and not only did we have lunch together I got my hair cut.  Thats a deal that is hard to beat.  We visited the rest of the afternoon and Bonnie and Carol treated themselves to a hot wax treatment on their hands.

Three dips into the wax for each hand

Then into the mitts to let the wax do its magic
Bonnie says it was really nice and her knuckles are not aching anymore.  It pretty much snowed all day but it is not accumulating because the temperature is allowing it to melt.  The news says the Bills have hired a new coach but nothing official from 1 Bills Drive.  And it looks like the NHL hockey strike is over.  So sports enthusiasts should be happy.

We got home before dark, I threw the towels into the washer and Bonnie washed dishes and heated up left overs for supper.  Life is good.

Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.