Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowing Again


We woke up this morning and the ground was white with fresh snow.  As of lunch time it is still snowing, a light snow but it is not accumulating much.  Bonnie made us soup for lunch and is making spaghetti for supper.

The maintenance minder on the Honda CR-V came on the other day when we were out.  It shows the Code of B16.  That means its time for an oil change, tire rotation, and rear differential fluid change.  When I called to make an appointment at the Honda dealer I asked what they charge to change the rear differential fluid, $89.00.  Wow the manual shows how to do it and its easier than changing the oil.  Take out two plugs, drain the 1.3 quarts of fluid.  Replace the crush washer on the bottom plug and put it back in with 36 ft/lbs of torque.  Then add the fluid, tight space so it needs pumped in, then replace the top plug with a new crush washer.  Parts and fluid were about $30 at Amazon.  So I ordered the fluid and a pump.  I needed 2 quarts of fluid this time so next time I can do the job for $10 or $12 bucks.  Its done about every 15,000 miles.  Right now I am headed out to rotate the tires $27.00 bucks at the dealer.  I will have them change the oil as we have a free oil change, and the inspection which will be good in case I have a warranty issue.

Took me about an hour to rotate the tires, biggest thing is deciding where to put the jack to safely jack up the car.  Also the wheel nuts were tight so I had to use the breaker bar to get them loose.  Once I got the tires moved around I torqued the nuts to 80 ft/lbs which is the spec.   Then I drove it a couple miles and rechecked them, all is well.

Bonnie had the spaghetti ready when I came in but decided we would take it with us and all eat together at Elizabeths.  So we watched a quick show and then I got a quick shower, before the quick drive to her house. On the way there we got word via Facebook that our DIL had a little accident on the slick roads in Alabama.  Thankfully only the car was damaged.  We talked to her and she is sore and the kids are unhurt.

Looks like quite a ride and then bounced off the tree

Elizabeth had a nice fire going in the wood stove and we had a nice supper before heading to church for the group study.  While we were there the snow came down pretty hard.

Maybe an inch of new snow maybe a little more
We headed for home dropping Elizabeth off at her place on the way.  The roads were pretty slippery, but we made it safely.  Busy and eventful day time to hit the hay.


Only 10 degrees out when I got up this morning, I guess the cold weather is here.  Also have about 4 inches on snow on the ground from the overnight snow.  I am expecting FedEx so I guess I better head out and clean the driveway.  I was out on the blower almost done when FedEx pulled in with the fluid for the Honda rear Differential.  Now I just need to pick up the crush washers to make sure it will seal after I drain it.  Heading up to court for a while.

Got my paperwork done and headed home still sunny, but boy does it feel cold as it is windy.  I saw when I got home that we have a wind advisory for the next 2 days, wow.  I did not feel too great and took it easy the rest of the day.  Hitting bed early tonight as we are getting up at 6am for an all day trip to Pennsylvania to visit Bonnie's brother.


Up at 6 this morning on the road by 7:30am.  We picked up the family and headed for Pennsylvania for a visit with Bonnie's brother.  We had a nice visit, the weather was perfect.  We pulled into the house just before 10pm.  Glad to be home safe and sound as the wind is starting to pick up.

Bonnie's folks at Supper
On the way home we stopped for gas, about 40 cents a gallon cheaper in PA.  We also stopped at the "Dutch Kitchen" for supper.  They had complete meals for $4.99 we all enjoyed our meals and most had dessert.  Real good food at real good prices.


Wow was it windy overnight and still this morning when I got up.  Its out of the West so the hill blocks a lot of it.  Then I looked out the bedroom window.  Looks like two trunks of a multi-trunk tree broke off.  One is blocking the driveway the other is just touching it.

Still a little dark out
I woke Bonnie and we had our breakfast and got ready to head for church as it started to snow pretty hard.

Heading out for church

Cleanup planned for after church
I did move the branches out of the driveway and got the snow shovel out and used it to push the smaller branches off to the side.

Church was good and as soon as we got home with both changed clothes and dressed warm for the clean up.  I moved the tractor and got the ranger out.  I fired up the chainsaw to make the smaller branches even smaller.  Bonnie and I loaded and dumped the ranger 3 times.  We cleaned up the driveway as best we could and cut the trees back to the other side of the ditch.  It was only 20 degrees out so it was cold even while working.  I think most of whats left will become firewood for someone.

The covers on the stacks of firewood blew off so we headed down to recover the wood pile.  But first we loaded up the ranger with split firewood for my DD.  We took it up and put it near the driveway so she can haul it to her house.  Just in case we get the snow that is forecast she can get to it.

Well the snow did show up and we have 4 or 5 inches so far.  Its been a good week.  Now to catch the end of the football game and then maybe read a little.

Thanks for Checking In.