Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sunny Day is it the start of the January Thaw?


The trees were beautifully covered with snow this morning.  The gentle snow and no wind loaded the branches up with snow.  Then the sun came out a little latter and Bonnie had me go out and take a few pictures of the house.

The sky was a beautiful blue today.
I also got a few pictures of some of the many deer that visit the yard.

Must have heard me

Headed for a drink.

Can you see the deer tracks leading to the tree and then to the next tree.
It is just below freezing out but the snow is melting on the driveway with the sun.  Lots of snow on the roof and lots of ice building up in the back of the house on the edge of the roof.  I jumped on the tractor and cleaned up the driveway.  The blower has been working great but I do keep the loader stored where I can get with it.

Hopefully I won't need this all winter, but I keep it close.
Here is a picture of the propane tank.  The driver cleaned part of it off when he filled it but it gives you an idea how much snow we have gotten lately.

After a lunch of some turkey soup I got a quick nap and then went out and cleaned the back deck off also before getting another nap.  We watched TV off and on and took it easy.  I stripped the bed and washed the sheets first thing this morning.  Bonnie keep the machines buzzing today and finished all the rest of the wash.

We got a call and went in to Elizabeth's to have cheeseburger pizza to celebrate Alexus getting 100 on a big test, Congratulations Alexus.

Back home I finished the recorded programs and tuned into watch Alabama dominate Notre Dame.


Bonnie was up early this morning and went to work at The City Mission with Elizabeth.  There was a graduation for the Men's Program today.  I could not attend because I spent the afternoon in court.  Bonnie shopped on the way home and we spent the evening in front of the TV and then read some.  Sorry but thats about it for today.


Well today started out slowly but the good news is that it is above freezing and it is forecast to be that way for the next few days.  In fact as I write this after 9pm tonight it is still 39 out and also as forecast very  windy.

Well the morning flew by and we headed north picking up the mail as we headed out the driveway.  Got a Christmas card today first one in a while.  Next stop was Attica at the bank to pick up our weekly allowances.  The main reason for the trip was to have lunch at the Miss Batavia Family Restaurant with the Rindo's friends from our camping club.  The girls had Pittsburgh Salads and Bob and I had sandwiches he roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy and mine was hot meat loaf with french fries and gravy.  The food was good but the conversation and laughs were even better.

This is their Coach next to their house
After lunch we were invited over to their house to visit.  They had received an iMac Apple computer for Christmas from their family and Bob and I were able to spend some time on it.  He had a list of questions about how to do the things he was used to doing on a windows computer on his new iMac.  We had a good time and crossed off quite a few of the items on his list.  Caroline showed Bonnie her craft room and they visited.  We also were able to find out the problem with google blogger on her computer.  Seems google is having an issue with windows explorer.  So we set up her google chrome browser so she could publish her blog in the manner she was accustomed to.

Coffee Time with a few extras
The time flew by and before I knew it it was 4pm.  4:00pm at Rindo's equates to coffee time!  We headed upstairs and gathered around the kitchen table.  Not only was there coffee but brownies, ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream.  I could easily get used to this.  I wonder if I can talk Bonnie into 4pm coffee at our house.

We talked for quite a while after coffee and were still going strong when their daughter got home from work so we visited with her also.  It was a great day and we really enjoyed our time together.

Since we were in Batavia we ran the car through the car wash.  Then made quick stops at Michaels and  JoAnn Fabrics.  Bonnie found some sales and I was looking for some high density foam for a project but did not find what I needed.

So we made it home after 8pm and are settling in for the rest of the evening.

One of my favorite drinks, a Buffalo favorite also
I grabbed some chips,salsa and loganberry.

The January thaw has started and should continue for the next few days.  We had a great day, lots of fun and we enjoyed lots of laughs.  Time to post the blog.  Thanks For Checking In!