Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Last day of 2012 and the sun is shinning again.  Looking back on the year I have to say its been a great year.  Big event of the year was the month long trip to Yellowstone and all the places we visited along the way.  I have to say I could easily do that all the time.  We traded Coaches and now are thinking about what we want to see and do in the coming year.

First big event is Bonnie's mission trip to Africa in February and March.  By the time she gets back from there the weather should be getting nice enough to make some trips.  We have so many places we would like to travel to its hard to make up our minds.  We would love to visit friends and family and there are so many sights and parks we would like to see and visit.  Right now on our list is a trip to Virginia, Michigan, and the St Lawrence Seaway area.  Plus we have several camping club events that we want to attend in the local area.  It all takes planning and we have just begun that so not sure where or when exactly we will head out.  I will keep you posted.

So we headed to Warsaw, Bonnie wanted to grocery shop, last day for some of the coupons.  She also needed to pickup a Rx at the Pharmacy.  I went by the County Clerk's office and picked up my "Favor" card.  It is a program that the county started to reward Veterans.  A lot of business's in the county have signed up and offer discounts for Veterans.  So that will be nice, we have a lot of vets in our county.

When we got home and after we had carried in the groceries I decided to check the pressure tank in our water system.  I opened a sink tap to drain the pressure in the system and then checked it and it was low.  So I hooked up the compressor and put in 28psi which is 2psi less than the 30psi that the pump kicks in at.  Thats what it is to be set at so we will see how that works this week Friday night when the system cycles.

We had skipped lunch and picked up a large Chicken Wing pizza on the way home.  I fueled up the Odyssey while we waited on the pizza.  We ate the whole pizza but it served as lunch and supper.  We have been watching a marathon of "The Next Great Baker"

FedEx did show up twice today.  This morning they brought DEET that we had ordered for Bonnie to use on her trip to Africa.  And then this afternoon they brought the last Christmas present I had ordered for Bonnie.

Compressed into a pretty big box

Once released it "inflated" to a full sized pillow
We had these pillows at the Marriott Timeshare in Florida.  Bonnie had decided she wanted one way back then.  So I did a little research and was able to order the same model pillow from Pacific Pillow.

Well thats about it this will close out 2012.  Happy New Year


Well the New Year has started may it be a great year.  I was reading when midnight came and came out and turned on the TV to watch the ball drop.  Then back to my Kindle and finished another chapter or two before going to sleep.  Looks like we got about 1/2in. of snow overnight and its in the lower 20's again.  Not much planned for the day although I would like to go see a movie later this afternoon.

Well the movie idea got nixed.  Bonnie decided to take down the tree and Christmas decorations.  All while fixing twice baked potatoes, peas, and boneless pork chops for supper.  Not only for me but the girls came also.  While they were here we made reservations to go to Florida for Thanksgiving this year.  I think we will drive down and the girls will fly down for the week.

So we got a little more snow today and total amount maybe an inch.  I did go out and clear the driveway and take out the trash.  I put a few gallons of fuel in the tractor and then headed in for that great supper that Bonnie had made.

We watched a hallmark Christmas movie and now its time to read a little and get some sleep.


No snow overnight, cold in the teens but warmed up to 27, the sun did shine for a while.  We both slept in a little this morning.  Not much exciting this morning.  The Propane Truck came and left 197.2 gallons of fuel to keep us warm for the next month or so.

Plans now are to have a late lunch of Sahlen Hot Dogs done on the grill.  A Buffalo favorite any time of the year.  Then I little later we are headed to the FLIX10 to see the movie Lincoln.

The movie was great we really enjoyed it.  Snowed all the way home and we have about another 1/2 inch on the ground.  Thats about it for Wednesday.  The backyard looks like a deer highway again.  I will try to get some pictures.

Thanks for Checking In.